July 25, 2016

How is your mobility

How is your mobility? Do you know what mobility is? Mobility is a restriction of the body that prevents you from moving through a whole range of motion. Mobility is mainly impacted by the flexibility of joints and muscles.

Injuries are a major cause of limited mobility. If you have injured a joint, be sure to see a doctor to resolve the issue. You can begin training once you have been to physical therapy. Some injuries may be so bad that they leave scar tissue, which can also cause restricted mobility. One approach to remedy this is called flossing, which involves using a rubber band to pull the bone into the scar tissue, possibly breaking it up over time.

When muscle injuries don’t quite heal the way they are supposed to, abrasions in the muscle can form and not allow the muscle to straighten to full length. This imbalance can be repaired, though it will take time and effort. One method of achieving this is through SMR, which involves rolling an object on the muscle’s pain point for 30 to 60 seconds. Over time, the muscle will lengthen and be looser, allowing for a wider range of movement.

Stretching is a big part of mobility and flexibility. Static stretching is the type of stretching that most people are familiar with. It involves holding a stretched position for a period of time, ideally 60 seconds. The second type of stretching is called dynamic stretching. This is where you’re doing stretching movements, but in a more dynamic way. This is typical among athletes because it does not give the same weakening of the muscle seen with static stretching. However, it causes a greater force on your body and could cause injury if you’re not properly warmed up. In either case, never stretch a cold muscle. Be sure to warm up the muscles first by moving around and getting a good blood flow.

So how is your mobility? Even if your mobility is good, it is something that we all need to continue to improve over time.

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