July 25, 2023

Episode 600 – Behind the Scenes at 40+ Fitness

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On episode 600 of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, we take you behind the scenes.



[00:02:53.760] – Allan

Hey, Raz. How are you?

[00:02:55.660] – Rachel

Good, Allan. Things are getting exciting up here. We've got a lot going on this month. Got a couple of trips to see family, all of our big birthdays. We have a lot of July birthdays in our families. We've got a lot of parties lined up. July is our busiest month, I think, of the summer. But things are going good.

[00:03:15.340] – Allan


[00:03:15.800] – Rachel


[00:03:16.600] – Allan

So happy birthday, I guess. It's not really a birthday, but this is kind of a landmark episode.

[00:03:26.730] – Allan

This is episode 600 podcast. Now a couple of different things. Obviously, I'm going to talk a little bit about the podcast today. So this won't really necessarily be a. Health and fitness thing, but I just wanted to kind of give folks an idea of how things work behind the scenes and how they can be a part of it and help us keep this thing going.

[00:03:49.050] – Allan

But I've actually even had there were some bonus episodes out there that didn't count towards episode numbers, but they weren't really episodes, they were just me making an announcement and putting it out there early on. So there actually have been more than 600 items released as part of this actuallypodcast, but actual 600 episodes.

[00:04:11.940] – Allan

So kind of wanted to talk a little bit about the story because a lot of people don't necessarily know they found this podcast at some point over the last several years. They started listening. They're still listening, and that's great, but new people are finding us every day. And so you may not know the story of where this podcast came from.

[00:04:33.180] – Allan

And why it's here, or a few other interesting tidbits, but I started this podcast predominantly because I had made some significant changes in my health and fitness and I had people asking me about it.

[00:04:50.160] – Allan

And one of the challenges I had when I was trying to figure my path out was that there wasn't anything out there.

[00:04:57.860] – Allan

There were no online personal trainers focused on people over 40. There were no podcasts in the health and fitness space for people my age. Everything that was out there was pretty much CrossFit, a lot of nutrition stuff. So the vegans had their ones, some runners had some podcasts, but again, none of these were specific to who you are when you're over 40. And I just thought that was bizarre that I couldn't find answers to this thing. And even when I did searches, or even when I went and said, okay.

[00:05:30.000] – Allan

Well, what about 40 Plus Fitness? And I actually keyed that in 40plusfitness.com and keyed that in nothing, someone owned it. Someone owned the domain, but when they weren't doing anything with it, and I'm like, this is just kind of crazy. So I did start the podcast and.

[00:05:48.590] – Allan

I did a lot of work before I launched it. What a lot of folks don't know is this wasn't actually my first podcast. I had one before that was about internal audit. The problem with that was I would work twelve to 14 hours a day in internal audit, and then I was trying to produce a podcast about internal audit, and that was a little much.

[00:06:13.660] – Allan

Yeah, and I didn't know anything at the time when I launched that podcast. I think I got like 600 downloads on one of my first episodes and I just thought that was terrible. I'm like, there's 70,000 internal auditors out there and only 600 of them listen to my podcast. I didn't realize 600 was actually a pretty good number, particularly when you're first starting out.

[00:06:37.280] – Rachel


[00:06:37.810] – Allan

So that said, I did sign up with a coach to help me launch the podcast the second time. And so I went through the process that he had laid out. It was a big group thing.

[00:06:50.400] – Allan

I had friends that we became an accountability group within this thing and putting this all together. So I literally started planning the podcast like June of 2015, and started putting together ideas for how the show was going to work and then lining it all up.

[00:07:10.560] – Allan

I built a Facebook group and a Facebook page and started getting people to like that page. And I was putting some stuff out there. Not a lot, but just enough to try to get people involved before I launched the podcast. Because at that point, pages were really kind of valuable. People were seeing the posts from pages.

[00:07:28.020] – Allan

So if I had thousands of people that like my page, thousands of people would see my posts. And I thought, okay, this is a good way to kind of launch this podcast. So I launched the podcast December 6 of 2015.

[00:07:39.670] – Rachel


[00:07:40.310] – Allan

And part of the timing of that was I wanted to have a certain number of episodes out before January 1. And I wanted to make what at the time was actually a pretty big deal called New and Noteworthy on Apple. And I wanted to be New and Noteworthy on Apple on January 1, and. I actually was number one in New and Noteworthy.

[00:08:06.330] – Rachel

That's awesome.

[00:08:07.770] – Allan

So it's pretty cool. And that kind of helps spur people finding it, because people would get their Christmas phone and then they'd get on there, they'd put that podcast app on, and then the first that it pop up is New and Noteworthy. So if you said, okay, Health and Fitness, New and Noteworthy, there's my podcast.

[00:08:24.470] – Allan

And so I was new. I wasn't necessarily noteworthy yet, but I was new.

[00:08:32.790] – Allan

And then when I first launched this my format was very different than it is today. It was predominantly a solo show. I wanted to do five episodes a week, make each of them about 15 minutes, and it was just go for a walk, be walking, be moving while you're listening to this podcast, because it was one of the things of people our age weren't moving around enough. So if I could just encourage them to move for 15 minutes a day, that's so much better than what they would have been doing otherwise.

[00:09:06.990] – Allan

I felt like that was a win. Now when I started doing interviews for. Parts of the show, because I realized. Okay, I can't talk five times per week, every week and be interesting. I had clients I was training. So there was a science session, there was a client session. There's a lot of other stuff in there. So it wasn't just me talking the whole time, but there were themes to each of the days and that went on for I'm guessing somewhere around eleven or twelve weeks and I was really burning out because that's a lot of episodes.

[00:09:45.830] – Allan

And then I did an interview of a guy, he had three different books. I said, well I'll interview you once for 45 minutes and break it into three episodes. So I literally staged and had the conversation three different books I had read and put them together and I was like, I really like this interview. I didn't like having to try to keep it to less than 15 minutes because if someone starts talking, I don't want to tell them to shut up.

[00:10:12.930] – Rachel


[00:10:14.850] – Allan

At any rate, so I decided I would drop it back to three and I'd be a little bit more liberal about how long the episodes were. But even then I wanted to do more interviews and reading the book and trying to do three interviews in a week was just a lot, so I dropped it down to one.

[00:10:33.680] – Allan

Now here's one of the interesting things that came about from all of that though was the years that I had hundreds of episodes come out, I didn't have more downloads per episode. I may have had more total downloads that year, but not per episode. Whereas when I dropped it to once a week, I actually peaked out on the volume of people that listened to each episode.

[00:10:57.420] – Allan

And so what I found is if someone comes on and say they missed three or four days, what they're going to do is they're going to pick and choose one. They're not necessarily going to say, I'm going to listen to all three of these, some people will, but they'll pick one and then they'll listen to that one and they may not listen to the other two. So it actually was a diminishing return to just having more episodes done and now I'm able to focus a lot more on the quality.

[00:11:22.090] – Allan

So I do dive in a lot deeper in the conversations and I'm able to do that because I can dedicate more time to planning each of these podcasts.

[00:11:30.920] – Allan

Now I've changed the music a few times. One time the original music I had was out there and then I decided I want to change it and I changed it. And then the guy who sold me the license or ran the license through the company called Pixaby sued me, didn't really sue me, but claimed copyright on YouTube, meaning that he claimed rights to my show. And that meant if at any point in time I was monetizing the show through YouTube, he would get that money, not me.

[00:12:04.310] – Rachel


[00:12:06.010] – Allan

I messaged the dude directly because I had the evidence that I had actually paid him because that was a voluntary thing anyway, was to pay someone for that music. I did voluntarily and I kept sending the declines. I declined that. This is copyright but the way YouTube was set up, I had the burden of proof. So if they said it was theirs YouTube just accepted it. And then they were the arbitrator, they were the judge, they were the jury.

[00:12:39.310] – Allan

And so I just decided, OK, I want to change it. And so I can't remember the exact episodes, but it's been a little while now. But Dave Gerhart. You can find him at www.steeldrummer.com. He's doing our current music. It's kind of a Caribbean vibe, which I like because it's the steel drums. So we're running with that right now. And that's our current music. I don't have any intention of changing it anytime soon, but that's there.

[00:13:08.110] – Allan

And then of course, I changed the format another time when I brought Rachel on. So, Rachel, you came on in September of 2020.

[00:13:17.680] – Rachel

My goodness. Well, it's been a while.

[00:13:21.890] – Allan

It has, but the whole point being is you decided you were going to work on your personal training cert, and co-hostso we were talking back and forth and somewhat mentoring you through that process. And then when you passed it, it was like, do you want to come on and be a co host?

[00:13:40.950] – Allan

And part of the reason I wanted that was you and I are different. We do different things from our training perspectives. You're female, I'm male. I just felt like it give the show a little bit of balance when we talk about the different interviews. And so I think it has. And we've get a lot of great feedback from people that are glad you're on the show and insight you bring. So I think that's been a huge addition to the podcast.

[00:14:11.550] – Allan

Now I'm going to shift and just talk a little bit about how we do this whole big crazy thing of a podcast. And there might be some bits of this that you didn't even know, Rachel.

[00:14:22.840] – Rachel


[00:14:23.560] – Allan

Because I'm the producer in the background doing a lot of this stuff. So basically the way the podcast works is it's a bunch of bits and pieces. Okay? So each little section and you may not be able to pick them out as sections exactly, but they're each their own music file. Own file. So it's an MP3 file of some sort.

[00:14:43.790] – Allan

And so what I do is I start out I have a Trello board. So Trello is this application that basically lets you kind of keep lists and keep organized. So you have a list and then you can put an item on that list, like a note card.

[00:15:02.160] – Allan

And then what I'm able to do is each of those columns, those lists are where we are in the process. And so as I start the idea for a podcast, like, maybe I see there's a book that's going to be published, I have the author's name and they're under the contact. And then we'll go through that whole process and I'll kind of talk about how that works in a minute. And then I'm just able to move the cards across as we go. So as I get into production and then closed, each card has a place.

[00:15:30.220] – Allan

And then within the cards, I can put the order so I know which episode, which date, and I can just put information in there about the book and everything else. So it's all in one place, but it helps keep me organized so I know, okay, where am I with current episodes? So I can tell you, I just recorded episode 603 a couple of days ago.

[00:15:52.180] – Allan

I'm going to record episode 601 tomorrow and then the next day 602. And so I can kind of tell. I've got a lot of reading to do.

[00:16:03.750] – Rachel

Oh, gosh, yeah.

[00:16:05.590] – Allan

And tomorrow I'll be reading a lot, but that's cool. And then sending over show plans and doing that to get them on the interview.

[00:16:14.550] – Allan

Obviously, guests are an important aspect. I want to have good quality, a good variety of guests. So we're talking about a lot of different issues that affect our health and fitness. A lot of people ask, well, where do you find your guests? I get over 100 emails every single day.

[00:16:35.280] – Rachel


[00:16:35.950] – Allan

Of someone that wants to be on this podcast. And some of them will even go out and find my phone number and text me. They will WhatsApp me. They will email me, they will fill out a contact form, all the different ways that you could get in touch with me these folks find ways to do that.

[00:16:55.990] – Allan

And say, hey, I want to be on your show. And I'm like, great, what are you going to talk about? It's like just health and fitness. Nope, no, you're not. So there's hundreds now. Sometimes these guests are excellent. Tony Horton, his agent reached out to me. There's been others that I'll be like. Yes, I absolutely want to talk to this person.

[00:17:21.550] – Allan

But 99.9% of them are a definite no. And when you think I'm getting 100 or more emails every day, okay, I only have one show per week, so. It becomes pretty clear that I can't get that many interviews out.

[00:17:39.940] – Allan

And again, I'm really looking for the quality. So over the years, I have developed some good relationships with some publicists. So there's a few of them that as soon as I see their email in my box, I know this is golden, and I'm going to want to talk to their guest, to whoever they're supporting. So there are a few of those that I do have a good long term relationship with, and it's the same when I send them a request, they definitely jump on it pretty quick because they know I'm going to give a good interview for their clients.

[00:18:09.540] – Allan

But most of my guests come from Amazon. Yeah. What I do is I go out on Amazon and I search for a topic or sometimes just generic health or health and fitness, and all these books come up. And then if you look on the left hand side if you're doing on a computer, you'll see these filters and you can go filter. And one of the filters that's out there is books that haven't been published yet, upcoming books, so you can see 90 days, 30 days, and then upcoming books. So I click on that upcoming books and then I get a kind of a list of books.

[00:18:44.890] – Allan

Now sometimes people do this kind of silly thing where they basically write the same book and they publish it on. Amazon like a hundred times. It's an ebook, like a workbook or something like that. They'll do, but they'll name it a hundred different things and throw them all out there. So they're all showing that they're going to come published soon and they clog up that whole search.

[00:19:06.590] – Allan

So then if I need to, sometimes I'll go over to that same set of filters and you can filter on hardbound. What I've found is the big publishing houses are always going to have a hardbound version, so they tend to be the higher end guests.

[00:19:21.030] – Allan

And so then I'll kind of have a list and I'll go through and add them to my trello of potential upcoming guests and I'll line them up based on their published date and everything else. I'll say, okay, I'll start reaching out now.

[00:19:32.710] – Allan

What I do is I go in and find out who the publisher is and then I Google the publicity for that publisher and I get their email address and then I send my pitch to their publicity department.

[00:19:46.170] – Allan

And for most of them, because again, this is an upcoming book that they would love to promote and have podcast interviews come out while the book is when the book goes live, I'm in a position to do that. So they'll then kind of work on my behalf to get the guests booked.

[00:20:04.140] – Allan

They send me an electronic copy of the book. Now, I used to get the hard copies, but they send me an electronic copy and once I have that, I send them a link to book on my zoom. And I use a little app called Tidy Cal, which is like Calendly, if you've used Calendly, but it's done by a company called AppSumo and it's a one time payment and then it works just like Calendly. And you don't have to pay for it every year because I do have different booking types and so I would have to pay for the calendar type book, calendar every year. I think it was $144 a year. Versus I paid once for Tidy Cal and it works just as well.

[00:20:47.630] – Allan

And so, yeah, they'll book their interview. And then what I do is, once. I see when the interview is like I said, I've got one that's coming. Up tomorrow, another one that's coming up Thursday. I'll go ahead and do reading the book. I'll send over a show plan. My show plan is just basically a set of bullet points to give them. An idea of what I'm going to talk about, what we want to talk about.

[00:21:08.870] – Allan

So if at any point in time you've ever heard a guest say, I have no idea what that is, or I don't remember,

[00:21:14.200] – Rachel

oh, no.

[00:21:16.950] – Allan

I told them what we were going to talk about. And even before we go online and when we start the recording, I kind of ask them if they have any questions about the plan. So they knew the questions. They knew I was going to talk about it, but they just didn't pay attention.

[00:21:32.230] – Allan

But that's neither here nor there. I do try to make sure the guest is prepared for the conversation. And then, yeah, I do record the interview on Zoom.

[00:21:40.770] – Allan

Now, when I get through with that interview, I now get an audio file from Zoom where I've recorded, and I get a video file, and then I get two audio files, one with their channel and one with my channel. So there's actually four different files that I work from.

[00:21:56.980] – Allan

So the first one is the full recording, and I put that in a folder for Rachel to listen to, so that's the interview she's listening to is just a full audio of both of us that I put in her folder. I take the video file and I put it in my admins folder for her to make clips for YouTube or Facebook and things like that. And I'm just terrible about not posting those regularly enough. But I have them. They're out there. She's working on them, and so they're out there, so I have them.

[00:22:29.070] – Allan

And then I take the two audio files that are different channels, and I put that into a folder that's my production folder for that particular episode. Okay, then what I'm going to do is I will record the intro and the outro. So that thing you hear me say on episode of the 40 Plus Fitness podcast, we're going to meet such and such and discuss their book, such and such. You can find the full show notes for the say I've memorized it because I've done it a lot.

[00:22:59.140] – Rachel

A few times.

[00:23:00.300] – Allan

A few times.

[00:23:01.770] – Allan

But the point is, then I make those files. So as you kind of see, now there's two files for the interview. There's now two files, intro and outro. I'm bringing in the music that we play at the very beginning, which I call the show music at the front, and then at the end, the outro for the full version of the song, the steel drum thing that Dave did. And so basically, I have those files.

[00:23:31.370] – Allan

And then each now, Tuesday morning, Rachel and I get on Zoom and we record our part. So there's usually a hello section, and then there's a discussion section. And if you get on the Facebook Group, I'm going to actually put the videos of those together. So, like, Rachel and I will come on and kind of have a quick little conversation about where we want to go. And then we'll have our hello section, and then we'll have our discussion section. And basically I've recorded those for the last interview we had. And I'll go ahead and share that on the Facebook page. I mean Facebook groups, if you go to 40plusfitnesspodcast.com/group, that'll take you to the Facebook group and you'll see a video of Rachel and I going through that little bit of the production.

[00:24:19.150] – Allan

But from our production recording, I have now two more files to add. And then of course, if I have a guest on, I have to record the bio. So I'll go out on Amazon and find out how their bio is organized out there. Some of them will send me a bio because they're publicists put together all this collateral and material. So sometimes I'll use that. But that usually almost always agrees with what's in Amazon. They don't rewrite all that stuff. So I'll read that, but that takes a little while because I screw that up about a dozen times.

[00:24:56.270] – Rachel

Oh gosh.

[00:24:57.170] – Allan

Well again, I don't want it to sound like I'm reading, but it probably does. And there's going to be words, particularly when I'm dealing with doctors and scientists, that I'm going to mispronounce a few times. So I try to get it all right, or at least as close to right, where I'm just like, okay, that's cool. So now that goes into the audio file.

[00:25:17.840] – Allan

So now I end up with on average usually about nine files that then are there. Now what I do is I have to download that as a zip file and then I share that with my audio production group. And so each week they go in and they put it all together. Now there are some weeks I get a little behind because they need 48 hours. So I get a little bit behind sometimes I'll do it myself and just get it done. It takes me probably about 2 hours to do that myself versus they can get it done probably a lot faster. And I'm not involved.

[00:25:56.090] – Allan

When they get done, they email me and say your file is ready. I download that and then what I do is I upload it into an application called Happy Scribe. And what Happy Scribe is, it's an AI that does a transcript. So this AI does the full transcript of the show and it's fairly good. I mean, it's not perfect. So what I do then is once it's uploaded and done that way, I send that over to my assistant and I tell her, okay, this one's ready to review. She goes in and she puts the because the timestamps are already there, but the AI doesn't know who's speaking. It just knows it's probably a different voice.

[00:26:36.070] – Allan

And it's again, pretty good about that, particularly you and I. Rachel knows you're you and I'm me.

[00:26:43.305] – Rachel


[00:26:43.710] – Allan

So it keeps this part. I've had some guests that sound too much like me and as a result it can't really pick up who's who. But if that's the case, again, she goes in and puts the names and makes sure the timestamps are all set up. And once that's done, then I kind. Of have what I need for posting.

[00:27:01.020] – Allan

So what I have to do then is I have this audio file and I have the transcript. I take the audio file and I have to add some tags to it. So the picture that goes along with it, so you see it on your. Pod catcher, whatever you're listening to podcast, you see the logo for that episode, the notes of what you see on your app, that all has to be written up and ready. And then of course, other information like my name, your name, those things that are in that audio file. So it picks up what it needs when it goes out there.

[00:27:38.390] – Allan

I use a company called Liberated Syndication or Libsyn for short, and they're basically where I host all the audio files. So the audio files go out there. And then what they do is they release it. And so Apple goes out there and picks up off of them, as does Google, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Amazon, Audible, all of them go out there. So this thing kind of basically syndicates my files, all those files out as a podcast.

[00:28:10.750] – Allan

And then I have to create a post on my website. So the website 40 Plusfitnesspodcast.com is basically a blog. It's a WordPress type site that is hosted. I use Deluxe Hosting as my host. They're really good for just small companies, small business kind of stuff, and you. Get a good amount of hosting space and throughput it works really well. But it's important to make sure that your podcast host and your music or the actual music file are hosted on different platforms.

[00:28:44.250] – Allan

So basically I'm not slowing anything down. It can pick up regardless of where we are. But if you try to put it all on one, like if I try to put it all in Deluxe Hosting, it's all my eggs in one basket. And they're not set up for podcasting, whereas Libsyn is. And there are a lot of new players out there in the game and some are good and some are not. But I've been with Libsyn since the beginning and so it worked very well for me.

[00:29:17.490] – Allan

And so then basically as I go through, I'm posting the transcript out there links to the book, all the different things that you see. If you go out there and look at the show notes, I get all that post out there and then I'm pretty much done just all that scheduled. And then if I do some promotion, I will put all that out there. And say, okay, here we are, here's the episode, things like that. And that's it pretty much soup to nuts.

[00:29:44.080] – Allan

Now the interesting thing is, if you think about. It, this is 600 episodes. I put about 10 hours of just my time. So I've got people helping me, but. I put about 10 hours per week of my time into just about every episode. All the things yeah, so if you. Take that 10 hours times 600 episodes, that's over 6000 hours that I've dedicated just to this podcast in seven and a half years.

[00:30:16.630] – Rachel

That's a lot. It's a lot of time, Allan.

[00:30:20.810] – Allan

It is a lot of time. It is a lot of time. But to me it's valuable time because I'm able to bring some great information forward, have some conversations that people need to have, teach some concepts that no one else really is talking about. And I think that's where I really struggle with a lot of this, is that if there was someone else doing this the way I'm doing it, then I would probably stop doing it.

[00:30:49.630] – Allan

But most people don't stick. The average podcast that's out there goes live and maybe gets seven, maybe 15 episodes, and then caput, it's gone. Some people do get bigger, and some people do keep going, which is great. But they're usually in their own little niche, their own little thing, and it doesn't really have anything to do with you. And so that's why I do what I do.

[00:31:16.780] – Allan

And right now, reading a book about menopause why are you reading about menopause? Well, I'm reading about menopause because it's really important for most of the women that are listening to this podcast, because you're either almost about to be perimenopause, you are perimenopause or you are menopause. You're one of those three right now if you're a woman over 40.

[00:31:40.350] – Allan

And so I want to make sure you have the best, most current information. And, yeah, I've been talking about it for seven and a half years. Is there anything new under the sun? I learn something new every time I read a book.

[00:31:52.950] – Rachel

Every time.

[00:31:53.570] – Allan

Every time I read a book, there's something in that book. And so this is just another one. I want to make sure that that context and information is out there. So, yeah, we've done 600 episodes. That's over 385 guests.

[00:32:07.920] – Rachel


[00:32:08.570] – Allan

And almost every one of them wrote a book that I read. It's a lot of books. The episodes are longer than 30 minutes, particularly today. But if you just said, okay, the average episode was 30 minutes, then that's 300 hours of listening, time of information and stuff that you can find. So you can do a search on my podcast. If you're on Apple or something, like some of these apps, they only show you like, the last 100 episodes or last 300 episodes. All 600 of them are available for you to listen to. So you can go to our website, 40Plusfitnesspodcast.com/podcast, and you'll see that there's sort of the different pages for all the posts.

[00:32:56.340] – Allan

You can click on the biggest number over there. I don't know how many that is, and that'll take you to the first episode. And it's horrible.

[00:33:05.930] – Rachel

Oh, jeez.

[00:33:07.380] – Allan

it is horrible. But it was me getting started, and as I say, progress over perfection. I got started. I got a little bit better. I invested a little bit more money here and there to make sure that this is growing and giving information.

[00:33:25.360] – Allan

And we've had about 3.6 million downloads of this podcast since I launched it. Some are a lot bigger than others, but most are getting 5000 – 6000 downloads per episode, and they're getting those within the first two months. And then after that, they have kind of what I call long tail, because we get about 10,000 downloads per week. And so you can kind of see how this thing goes if you're getting 45,000 to 50,000 downloads a month and there's only four or five episodes, it's not just those episodes. People are listening to the back episodes too, which is great. It means that I'm relieving some value out there for people to find, and I really like that.

[00:34:09.920] – Allan

So I don't have any real intentions of stopping this. I want to keep doing it as long as I possibly can but I do want to ask for just a little bit of help.

[00:34:22.850] – Allan

First off, you could leave a rating and review for the podcast. I haven't asked anybody to do that in years. But if you do like the podcast and you want people to find out about it, go leave a rating and review it's right there. There's three little dots or something right there on your phone. You can click on that and leave a rating and review. And that does tell the people that give you that app, be it Apple or Google or whatever, that you like the show. And that means they're much more likely to show it to someone else when they start looking for shows, you can tell someone about the show.

[00:35:01.550] – Allan

There have been times when I've been sitting there talking about the show and someone says, well, what's a podcast and how do you listen to them and where are they? And I'm like, okay, let me see your phone. And I literally pull up the app and I search for my podcast and I hit subscribe and I say, There you go. There's the last four or five episodes. And you can listen to whenever you like. It's right there on your phone. So you could do that, just tell people about it, or you can go.

[00:35:28.540] – Allan

To 40plusfitnesspodcast.com and if there's any books that you're interested in. So let's say I'm having a conversation with Dr. Hirsch about Menopause, and you're interested in her book, The Menopause Types. You decide that's an interesting book rather than going directly to Amazon yourself. If you go through my website and click on that link, there is a small affiliate commission, 2 – 3%, but it's still a little something. Let's say you decided you want to buy a car on Amazon, you could click on that link first, buy the book and the car, and I'd get a nice little commission check out of that.

[00:36:10.150] – Rachel


[00:36:11.910] – Allan

But yeah, as you're doing your shopping and you think, I want to go on Amazon if you have that cookie. I mean, they're not using cookies anymore, but whatever it is, if you click on my link and go over there and then do your shopping, it will help the podcast. It'll give us a little bit of money.

[00:36:27.260] – Allan

You can go over to Amazon and get the book. So you can go to 40plusfitnesspodcast.com/book and that'll take you to the. Wellness Roadmap on Amazon and you can buy my book. It's still valid. It's still evergreen. I even talking to someone who read it just this week and she's like, I can't believe you wrote that five years ago. You could have written it today. And it's just as valid as it was then. And I'm glad someone actually recognized that because that's what I was trying to do then. And so it is still a good book.

[00:36:59.590] – Allan

And then, yes, there's always working directly with me on my site, 40plusfitness.com. There are challenges, there are programs. So if you want to just do something, there's a sugar challenge, there's a functional fitness challenge. If you're interested in working more directly, you can get in contact with me there.

[00:37:19.450] – Allan

And then, of course, Rachel, you have some places you'd like to send people?

[00:37:24.580] – Rachel

Sure. I think the easiest place to find me would be on my website, which is Strong-Soles.com. That's souls, as in the souls of your shoe. S-O-L-E-S. Strong souls.com. And from there, I've got a contact form if you want to ask me any questions or give me some feedback on the 40 plus fitness podcast. But also there's links to my two socials on Facebook and on Instagram. Those are the only two platforms I'm on. It's plenty for me, so you can reach me in any of those places quick.

[00:37:55.910] – Allan

I do this podcast for you. And so if there's a topic that you just want more information on, something you're dealing with specifically, or someone your family is dealing with specifically that you'd like to know more about, reach out to me. Like I said, I do searches for guests, and I'm looking for specific topics at times. So if you come and tell me here's an issue that I'm dealing with, and I'm looking at your podcast and there was not really any one thing out there for it, would you be interested in finding somebody to talk more about this thing? I'll be glad to do that.

[00:38:39.350] – Allan

I need a new guest every week. And while I do get hundreds and hundreds of solicitations, most of those are just trying to sell some corporation that they're a part of. They're not actually trying to inform you about anything. So if there is a topic or something you're interested in, just let me know and I will do what I can to try to find somebody to talk about that particular topic so you'll have some more information, better information, and have a good starting point for your education going forward.

[00:39:10.220] – Allan

So with that, I'd just say thank you so much for being a part of 40 Plus Fitness. We've been doing this since December of 2015. We're going to keep doing this. Because I'm only doing one a week. We're not going to hit 1000 for another 7.8 years. So we won't be celebrating 1000 anytime soon. But we will keep going. We will keep recording, we will keep looking for awesome guests and I will keep reading the books and making sure I'm asking the right questions for you.

[00:39:44.990] – Allan

But I appreciate you very much. Thank you for being a part of all of this. And if you have any questions, just let us know.

[00:39:52.530] – Rachel

Awesome. Congratulations, Allan. Congratulations on 600 episodes and a lot of great information that people can actually use.

[00:40:00.480] – Allan

Yeah, thank you. I appreciate that.

[00:40:02.360] – Rachel

You bet.

Music by Dave Gerhart


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