Avoiding toxins with Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is a renowned naturopathic physician, the founder of Bastyr University, and an accomplished author. His new book, The Toxin Solution, reveals how toxins in our everyday lives create issues with our health.

Toxins are managed by the liver and kidneys, as they have filtering responsibility. However, filtering toxins out will not do much good until we slow the entrance of toxins. Many toxins are designed by scientists for physical or biological purposes and are difficult to break down. Some have half-lives that are measured in years and constantly cause damage while in the body.

Toxins are huge contributors to disease. They increase oxidative stress in the body which increases inflammation and damages our DNA. Toxins also impact the body’s hormones, enzymes, minerals, and organs. We are constantly subjecting ourselves to things that will shorten our lives.

Though there is no way to get around a toxin load, there are ways to reduce the load. One strategy involves becoming more conscious about how toxins get into our bodies and stop it from happening. Food is a primary source of chemical and metal toxins. Cleaning supplies and health and beauty aids are other sources.

The book also includes do’s and don’ts in regards to eating. Don’t eat refined foods that are conventionally grown and stored in plastic containers. Instead, eat real foods that are organically grown. Be careful not to damage foods when you cook them. Get rid of plastic containers and use glass containers instead. The closer you eat to nature, the safer you will be.

To connect with Dr. Joseph Pizzorno or to learn more about The Toxin Solution, visit www.thetoxinsolution.com.

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Beatrice - March 30, 2017 Reply

I am so pleased to have had the chance to hear Mr. Joeseph Pizzorno speak last weekend in Vancouver.
I am speaking at a seminar this Saturday and will promote this new book.
It is amazing. Thank you!

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