Atkins eat right not less with Colette Heimowitz

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In Atkins Eat Right Not Less, Colette Heimowitz brings us a new view of Atkins. Being familiar with the low carb high fat (LCHF) way of eating, I thought I knew what Atkins was all about.  I was not fully on board with Atkins because of their view on protein.  But Colette presents a much better balance of macros in the plans she presents.

Atkins plans

The book presents three different plans (20, 40, and 100).  Each of these levels is based on the net carbs allowed,  Reducing the carbs requires you to up your fat consumption and have a moderate amount of protein.  The plans do not require calorie counting, which is a sticking point for many people trying to lose weight.

Why vegetables matter

Atkins focuses on net carbs.  This allows you to eat plenty of vegetables.  In fact, Colette really pushes vegetables as a requirement of the plans.

The program focused on foundation vegetables, which are low glycemic and high in fiber.  White potatoes have the same sugar effect as a candy bar.  High glycemic vegetables give you the same blood sugar surge.  Including foundation vegetables with your meals allows you to get the nutrition you need and feel full.

Smart shopping strategies

The grocery store is a carb pushing machine.  Being smart about how you shop can save your weight loss journey.  Colette shared a few of her strategies for smart shopping:

  • Don't go hungry
  • Have a plan
  • Go on days when you'll be able to prepare your meals
  • Shop the periphery of the store

Allan also recommends that you use your local farmers' market and don't be afraid to ask the manager of your grocery store to carry higher quality foods.

The recipes

There are many excellent recipes in the book that you'll enjoy as you follow the Akins Diet.

Find Collette

You can learn more about the Atkins Diet and Colette at Atkins.com and you can get Atkins Eat Right Not Less.

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