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August 29, 2016

Yoga’s Healing Power | Ally Hamilton

Ally Hamilton found yoga as a senior at Columbia. She expected it to be too easy for her and was pleasantly surprised by the true physical challenge. But she was even more surprised to experience the other improvements in her life that came from a regular practice.

In her book, Yoga's Healing Power, Ally goes through the eight limbs of a yoga practice.


This limb represents our commitments and restraints. In this part, we focus on kindness, truthfulness, non-stealing, accountability, and not coveting.


This limb relates to our observances, being pure, working hard, and our religious practice.


This limb is the physical practice that most of us recognize when we think of yoga, the movement, the stretching, the meditation.


This limb recognizes the life force and energy of the universe.


This limb relates to releasing yourself from your likes and dislikes.


This limb is about uninterrupted concentration as a means of fulfilling your dreams.


This limb relates to a state of being where there are no borders between you and the world.  It relates to having discipline in your practice.


This limb is a state of flow and enlightenment.  Difficult to achieve but a blessing when you do.


If you start to treat your body as the gift it is, it shifts the way you feed it.

~ Ally Hamilton, Yoga's Healing Power


My apologies for the interruption by my dogs, but it really was a cool moment for me.

Learn more about Ally Hamilton at Yogis Anonymous.

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