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May 8, 2017

Undoctored with Dr. William Davis

Dr. William Davis is a cardiologist and best-selling author whose new book, Undoctored, aims to show people how they can regain control of their own health.

Dr. Davis explains the health care system has become powerful, and in order to show it that we can maintain our own power over our health, we need to learn how to be healthy on our own. In order to achieve this, there are a few basic steps we can take to correct the factors in our lives that lead to poor health.

In order to be your own health practitioner, Dr. Davis recommends drawing from the relatively new phenomenon of crowdsourced wisdom. Websites like Patientslikeme.com create collaborative experiences that lead to a greater dissemination of information. New technological gadgets are also helpful in gathering insights.

Dr. Davis also speaks about the issue with grains in our diet. Many proteins in grains are indigestible and can wreak havoc on your gut health. He also explains that the common practice of carb loading can actually be dangerous for athletes and non-athletes alike. Commit yourself to going four weeks without grains and you will surely notice a difference in how you feel.

Though the Undoctored program is similar to the Paleo diet, it goes further and is a more well-rounded solution for health. Specifically, the Undoctored program is a six-week program that includes a menu of six strategies:

  1. Wheat and grain elimination
  2. Correct Vitamin D
  3. Supplementation of iodine and/or correction of thyroid dysfunction
  4. Replace fish oil
  5. Raise tissue levels of magnesium
  6. Feed and cultivate bowel flora

The program is intended to be embraceable, simple, and inexpensive in order to get you freed from misinformation from your doctor and make you healthier than you have been in years.

To connect with Dr. William Davis or to learn more about Undoctored, visit http://www.undoctored.com.


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