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Choose the StrongPath with Fred Bartlit

Fred Bartlit is the author of the book, Choosing the StrongPath.  Fred chose to change his life when his wife, Jana pushed him to begin taking his fitness seriously.  As he aged, he noticed that the friends he had that were his age were falling off and not participating in activities like skiing.


Beginning in our 30's we begin losing around 1% of our muscle mass per year. That puts us into a death spiral that if not addressed, we'll end up disabled and face many chronic diseases.  This is preventable with a resistance training program.


Falls are a very common and they can lead to disability and death.  Being stronger not only reduces the likelihood of falls, it also prepares the body to handle falls better.


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Go to the gym

You should go the gym and get a trainer to teach you proper form. It is a great investment to get started on the right foot. A solid program will work all of the muscle groups with good variety. Having control and avoiding ballistic movements that can cause injury. Fred has a strategy for the time he is in the gym, with focus and dedication.

Not all trainers know how to train you

Just like there are different types of attorneys, trainers can specialize on older individuals. That will allow them to provide the best advice and guidance, allowing you to train, get the gains, without injury.

Age is not show stopper

At the age of 85, almost 85, Fred's commitment to the StrongPath has him breaking life-long strength goals.


We should lose no more than 1 – 1 1/2 pounds per week. Losing more than that is not sustainable or healthy. To lose weight, you should record your weight where you see it each day. If you aren't getting results, pay attention to what you're eating and change to get yourself back on path.

All that said, the wafer thin woman is no longer the ideal of beauty. Instead, being strong and fit is seen as beautiful. Women that follow the StrongPath are on their way to looking and feeling their best.

You can learn more about Fred and his book, Choosing the StrongPath at strongpath.com.

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