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May 25, 2016

Self-made wellionaire | Jill Ginsberg

Jill Ginsberg is a health coach, speaker, a mother of three children, and the author of Self-Made Wellionaire. Jill originally worked in brand management, but nutrition became her passion. She started studying nutrition and began her coaching practice.

In her book, Jill applies corporate MBA strategies to everyday concepts. She advocates for using these proven tools to become the CEO of your own life. While many strive to be a self-made billionaire, Jill explains that to be a self-made wellionaire is to be rich with energy, health, purpose, and joy.

In one example, Jill explained that the popular SWOT analysis in business can be applied to your health. This tool is used in the beginning of a project or undertaking to understand the environment you’re entering. As you examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they apply to your health, you’ll have a clearer picture of how to obtain your wellness goals.

Jill explains that time management is also important. Many people claim they cannot work out because they don’t have time. If you have a plan, then you have the time. People don’t hold themselves accountable in their personal lives, but yet they are capable individuals because they succeed with the same tools in business world. In the end, if it matters, you’ll make the time.

Anticipation is also key. You need to think about where plans are likely to go wrong. Try to stay one step ahead. Develop contingency plans for your fitness and healthy eating by managing your risks and planning responsibly. Take charge of the situation and stay in control.

Energy is another factor that can get in the way. To maximize energy, dig into every component of your wellness. Come up with four or five areas where your energy isn’t where it should be. Take small steps to correct your energy and start feeling better.

It takes a total commitment when it comes to self-health. If you’re not willing to commit, nothing else is going to matter. To connect with Jill or learn more about her book, Self-Made Wellionaire, visit www.jillginsberg.com.


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