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October 5, 2016

Baths for health with Paulette Sherman

In this episode, Paulette Sherman shows us how we can use baths for health and fitness.  We do this by making a bath a ritual, focused on various aspects of our lives to include stress, relationships, balance, and recovery.  Using these tools you can be more powerful and effective during the day.
These baths go beyond the general hygiene type baths.

These baths for health have a ritual including the following elements:

     – Law of attraction – Being very clear about what you want from this bath is important.

     – Ritual – A ritual bridges your inner and outer space.  It adds to the specialness of the moment.

     – Essential oils – Beyond the wonderful smell, there are some therapeutic uses for them. 

     – Crystals – Each crystal has its own energy.  The structures capture different things.  You can match the crystal to your intention.

     – Candles/colors – The candle represents the spirit of the event, matching your intention.  For example, you could use white for peace.

     – Meditation – This is about clearing your mind to avoid being distracted.  This opens you up to pay attention to the message you'll get from a bath.

     – Intention – This is the context for the bath.  This is how you can use these baths for health.

     – Visualization – Seeing what you want to attract.  Visualizing allows you to see improvement in performance by setting your mind to a believe it is achievable.  Pulling in all of your senses and emotions to visualize what you want.

     – Prayer – This goes beyond religion.  It is about calling on a higher power or your best self to be sure to hear what you need from this bath.

     – Herbal teas – These teas match the energy of your bath.

     – Journaling – This is where you can capture the things that came to you during your path.  This allows you to apply things in your life.

Three sacred baths from the book:

Paulette took some time to discuss each of the following sacred baths.  Each using the elements above and applying to the stated intention.

     – Bath of self-care (p50)

     – Return to peace bath (p102)

     – Commitment bat (p149)

I'd encourage you to get the book and use baths for more than just hygiene.  Using baths for health can be a way to heal, manage aspects of your life, and grow.  If you do a sacred bath, please let me how it went in the comments below.


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