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February 12, 2016

Joel Boggess ReLaunches his health

Joel Boggess, the mastermind behind the wildly popular podcast ReLaunch, joins us today. Joel has an inspiring story to share that shows how he was able to relaunch health as a part of his life, like so many others are trying to do.

In his younger years, Joel was very interested in fitness. He actually worked his way through graduate school as personal trainer with 24 Hour Fitness. He soon found himself as the top producing personal trainer in the region. He enjoyed helping people realize their potential.

Over time, life got in the way. Joel got caught up in his responsibilities and lost touch with his love for fitness. By his mid 40s, he knew he needed to make a lifestyle change. At 5’5”, Joel weighed in at 223 pounds at his heaviest point.

One of the biggest decisions Joel made was to quit drinking. In his 40s, he recognized that he was drinking often and seeing the results in his waist line. While he still has an occasional drink, he has largely cut alcohol out of his life. Joel also began drinking more water and started going to the gym three or more times per week. After all of these changes, Joel is now down to 150 pounds.

Joel believes planning is essential to success. Create a plan that is disciplined and focused on your fitness goals.

  1. Regardless of your goal, make a decision and commitment. Promise yourself that you will see it through. Your goals have to be meaningful and real.
  2. Break the plan into manageable chunks. Be sure to put it together in a way that’s executable.
  3. Find the time in your schedule to put one foot in front of the other and take action.

Many people set unrealistic expectations that they can’t follow through with. Start small and get your momentum going. Soon enough you will have relaunched your health just as Joel Boggess was able to do.

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