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May 29, 2017

Raw paleo with Melissa Henig

Melissa Henig is a health and lifestyle coach and the author of Raw Paleo: The Extreme Advantages of Eating Paleo Foods in the Raw. Melissa grew up in a health-conscious home and was eating a raw vegan diet, but felt she was lacking something. She was told about a raw paleo way of eating and has been living this lifestyle ever since.

Melissa discusses a few myths surrounding raw foods. One such myth surrounds cholesterol. Many feel that it should be avoided, but it is actually an essential lipid that is in every cell of our body. Cholesterol is important for the brain, nervous system, and hormones.

Another myth surrounds raw eggs, which are not dangerous if sourced correctly. Melissa recommends sourcing pasture-raised raw eggs, as the nutritional profile is much higher. Biotin within the egg yolk is a rich source of nutrition.

Melissa explains that the benefit of eating raw foods is seen in the nutrients, as these molecules can be degraded through freezing or heating, which changes the molecules’ structure. Use food straight from nature, never frozen or heated, for the highest healing potential possible. In regards to butter, Melissa recommends raw versus pasteurized, as it lubricates the joints, is good for your skin, and aids in digestion. Again, there is a higher healing potential with raw butter as nothing is changed with the protein and fat molecules. Though it can be hard to source, you can check http://www.rawmilk.com to find possible sources near you.

Melissa wants people to know that if they source quality foods, they should not to be afraid to try raw meat.

To connect with Melissa or to learn more about Raw Paleo: The Extreme Advantages of Eating Paleo Foods in the Raw, visit http://www.rawpaleo.com, email her at Melissa@rawpaleo.com, or visit her on Instagram or Facebook.


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