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February 5, 2018

Healing chinese medicine with Ellen Goldsmith

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Ellen Goldsmith is the author of Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine, a book that discusses the basic ideas of Chinese medicine and how one can apply these ideas in his own life to promote healing through food.

Chinese medicine evolved out of human beings’ observation of nature. It is based on the idea that what is happening outside the body can also happen inside the body. The interaction of the two creates a holistic system where everything is connected. One important belief is that we all come into the world with Chi, the potential behind energy. How we nurture the Chi and adapt to our own condition and elements outside the body are what counts. We can identify any disharmony and determine what needs to be put back in the system to restore balance.

Ellen discusses the importance of the various seasons with Chinese medicine. She explains that the unique flavors of each season help us participate in the activity of the season. During the last three weeks of a season, Ellen recommends eating simple foods and a balanced diet. This helps the digestive system prepare to transition to the next season.

Chinese medicine has specific views when it comes to treating certain medical conditions. Some, such as high cholesterol, are viewed as excess conditions that need to be cleared out. To accomplish this, certain foods must be eliminated from the diet. Similarly, women who experience PMS and painful menses should eliminate foods that are congesting to the liver 7 to 10 days prior to the start of their period. These foods can include fatty foods and baked goods. Ellen recommends resisting cravings and eating a lot of dark, leafy greens. Acupuncture treatment can also be beneficial. Acupuncturists are also a good source for quality Chinese herbs, which can also have health benefits.

To connect with Ellen Goldsmith, email her at elleng@pearlnaturalhealth.com. Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine is available for purchase on Amazon.


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