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February 5, 2016

Nelson finds crossfit

Nelson is a sports fanatic at heart. In high school, he played multiple sports and even went on to wrestle in college and internationally. After he got married, he moved to Minnesota to raise his family. In his 40s, he put on some weight, but was soon able to find the perfect fit for his fitness journey when he stumbled upon Crossfit.

After putting on some weight, he began looking for a way to get fit. He signed up to run half-marathons and was eventually running eight per summer. However, he started having pain in his hip that wouldn’t go away. At 52 years old, Nelson was told that he had arthritis in his hip and that the damage was so bad, he would need a hip replacement. He realized he would no longer be able to run half-marathons with the state of his hip and needed to find some other way to continue his fitness journey.

After stumbling upon his local Crossfit establishment, he decided to give it a try. He did his Crossfit baseline and was hooked. Nelson has been doing Crossfit now for a year and a half. Not only can he do deep squats, but his hip is feeling much better.

At first, however, he wasn’t able to do the prescribed weight on all of the Crossfit workouts. He was able to work through scaling, where he did the same workouts as the rest of the Crossfit participants, but with less weight or no weight until he was able to learn the correct form. He was able to reclaim his own inner athlete and continue his fitness growth and progression.

In addition to improving his health, Nelson has found a whole new group of friends in his Crossfit community. He considers this supportive community of participants and trainers as being like his second family. In the end, Nelson found Crossfit to be the perfect solution that matched his fitness desires and goals.


Why didn't I lose weight with crossfit?

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