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Mitochondria and your health with Dr. Lee Know

Dr. Lee Know's bestselling book Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine shows us how the powerhouses of the cells are at the heart of health and fitness. When your mitochondria are working well, we have more energy and look and feel younger.

Basics of mitochondria

The mitochondria is an organelle in the cell.  Like organs in the body, organelles each have particular functions.  The mitochondria produce energy through APT.   When they perform well, we have all the energy we need.

Ketosis and calorie restriction

How we eat can really affect how well mitochondria perform.  This includes ketosis, calorie restriction, and intermittent fasting.  The amount of research is growing and understanding the metabolic pathways is improving.  The research is proving out that ketosis helps mitochondria function better.  Ketones being available as an alternative style of fuel helps the energy processes in our bodies function better.

The mitochondrial theory of ageing is becoming the most evidenced-based over all of the other theories including the free-radical theory and the wear-and-tear theory.  Calorie restriction is the only proven way of extending life for healthy individuals.  You're creating fewer free-radicals which leads to healthier mitochondria and a longer lifespan.  The idea is to reduce calories avoiding starvation or malnutrition.

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Dr. Know went through some of the supplements you may want to consider for better mitochondria health (note: the links are affiliate links to products on Amazon).

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