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October 17, 2023

Eat better to run better with Carissa and Jeff Galloway

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On episode 612 of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, we speak with Carissa and Jeff Galloway about their book, Run. Walk. Eat.


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February 26, 2018

The woman’s guide to health with Dr. Ruth Parker and Dr. Carmen Mohan

Ruth Parker and Carmen Patrick Mohan are primary care physicians and authors of the new book, The Women’s Guide to Health. This book is an action guide for both women and men to cultivate habits that support well-being.

Ruth and Carmen explain that the book contains various health and fitness “prescriptions” for people who are at different phases in their lives. Each level is intended to consist of a gentle progression through a span of 30 weeks. The three levels include:

1. Get Started – Start where you are. The intent in this level is to reach the 150 minutes per week recommended by the CDC.

2. Keep Going – This level incorporates the running and walking as described by Jeff Galloway’s program.

3. Burn Fat – This level is for the person who feels that they’d like to lose weight and improve body composition.


Ruth and Carmen also discuss the importance of sleep. Research shows one should strive to achieve seven hours of quality sleep per night. If one can’t achieve this, don’t stress over it. View sleep and rest as restoration and don’t claim an insomnia mindset.

In order to maximize using one’s lifestyle to prevent and treat disease, Ruth and Carmen recommend optimizing choices and being consistent with daily activity. Keeping a health journal can help track patterns and encourage accountability.

To connect with Ruth Parker or Carmen Patrick Mohan or to learn more about The Women’s Guide to Health, visit herprescriptions.com or visit their Facebook page.  You should also check out the episode I did with Jeff Galloway.


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Running injury free using the run walk run method with Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway is a seasoned runner, running coach, and author. His book, The Run Walk Run Method, explains his revolutionary system that gives the body rest when it needs it while running, allowing it to become less fatigued and less prone to injury.

The Run Walk Run Method was created when Jeff first began his running store years ago. He taught a beginner’s class in running, in which none of the participants had run in at least five years. To keep them engaged in the program, he added walk breaks to their running. This group remarkably experienced no injuries, as the method allowed the body to adjust to the running motion and avoid injury.

Jeff encourages this technique not only for beginners, but also for seasoned runners during training and the races themselves. He explains that our bodies weren’t designed to run more than about 200 yards at a time. Using the technique not only helps to alleviate stress buildup, but also lessens progressive fatigue, which has been shown to improve running performance times.

For new runners, Jeff recommends determining why you want to run. For complete beginners, he suggests starting with a modest amount of running of no more than 15 to 20 seconds of running, followed by a walking segment of about a minute. This helps to erase the fatigue. For the first month, keep the run walk segments short as you increase the length of the total run walk run. Gradually work your way up to 30 minutes. Don’t rush it and don’t sprint the running segments.

To connect with Jeff or to learn more about The Run Walk Run Method, visit http://www.jeffgalloway.com.

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