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January 20, 2017

Invincible Living with Guru Jagat

Guru Jagat is the author of a fascinating new book entitled Invincible Living, which presents practical applications of Kundalini yoga in everyday life. Guru Jagat believes that everyone can practice these yoga techniques, as there should be no barrier to entry. Everyone wants to feel better and have more energy, and can do so through learning these practices.

Guru Jagat explains that Kundalini yoga emphasizes the idea that we all have a deep supply of energy, intelligence, and creativity within us. The practices detailed in the book provide examples of ways that we can access this wealth of energy.

One specific part of your life that can be improved through these practices is sleep, an area with which many people struggle. If you deal with insomnia, a breathing meditation called Satanama may help you unwind to go to sleep or improve your ability to fall back asleep upon waking up. This breathing exercise ties into parasympathetic nervous system, which allows your body to prepare for sleep.

Guru Jagat also discusses the importance of a power nap on an 11-minute cycle, as it provides complete refreshment. This can be especially useful for women, who may benefit more from shorter naps. She recommends setting a timer, lying down on your back, and breathing deeply to let your system recalibrate.

Another important exercise is the healthy, happy, holy meditation. This practice aims to put a positive resonance into our psyche by replacing negative talk and self-criticism. This involves inhaling through the nose, holding your breath, and repeating, “Healthy am I, happy am I, holy am I” three times. Focus on the positive, connect with your breathing, and release the negativity.

Invincible Living will help you incorporate these simple practices into your routine to improve your life. To learn more, visit www.gurujagat.com.




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