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September 25, 2017

Get healed with Dr. Robin H Miller

Dr. Robin Miller is the author of the new book entitled Healed: Health and Wellness for the 21st Century. Dr. Miller believes there is not a pill for every ill. With this perspective, she began her integrative medicine practice with a focus on getting to the root of her patients’ problems, rather than just treating symptoms. Dr. Miller believes that if we want to be truly well, it is essential to have a strong partnership with a provider who will help you figure out how to be healthy long-term.

Dr. Miller mentions that there are several things people can to do ensure they get the most out of a doctor visit. These include:

1. Be organized – make a list of what you want to discuss
2. Be honest and open
3. Be ready to change

Dr. Miller also discusses 12 QEDs for being well. They include:

1. No more dieting. Develop new eating patterns and eat foods to keep you healthy and fit for a lifetime.
2. Weigh yourself. Be accountable to yourself.
3. Move. Even walking a little bit is moving.
4. Stop drinking your calories. Drink water instead.
5. Eat consciously.
6. Meal-timing. Consume a greater amount of calories in the morning versus the evening.
7. Eat at home.
8. If you have trouble doing it on your own, do it with a friend.
9. Go slow. Try to lose one pound per week.
10. Make reasonable goals.
11. Hunger is your friend. Try drinking a glass of water when hunger strikes.
12. Remember that you are in charge. Have faith in yourself.

Dr. Miller also speaks about the benefits of ballroom dancing, which include physical fitness, an improvement in posture, and prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. Dance also has many social benefits, which can also help to improve social anxiety and longevity.

To connect with Dr. Robin Miller or to learn more about Healed, visit http://www.wellhealed.net.


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