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January 16, 2016

Mike finds happy trails

Mike BeforeMike has an inspiring story. He embarked upon a health and fitness journey and in the process found happy trails. At 56 years old, Mike was living a sedentary lifestyle and gained a lot of weight. His wake-up call occurred when a good friend, who was three years younger and more active, almost passed away from a heart attack. He knew he needed to make a change.

Mike started off slowly. He took out his old bike and began riding again on flat trails nearby. The first few miles were tough, but he soon gained endurance and began riding further. Then he added swimming laps to the mix. Finally, he began using his gym equipment at home and later joined a gym.

In addition to his physical activity, Mike began tracking his calorie intake on My Fitness Pal. He soon realized he was overeating by about 2,000 calories per day! A big soda fan, Mike was challenged by his son to cut out the soft drinks. He also began eating food with fresh ingredients, including fish and vegetables. When he made these changes, he really noticed the weight coming off. When he went to see his cardiologist, the doctor was very happy with his progress. To date, Mike has lost a total of 42 pounds.

Mike Current

Mike’s two tips include:

  1. Find an exercise you enjoy. Mike picked bicycling because he knew he would enjoy it and could make measurable progress. He set goals that were attainable and measurable.
  1. Have a good support group. If you don’t have friends and family, use My Fitness Pal, which has a lot of great information and encouraging people.

Mike has found happy trails and you can too! To connect with Mike directly, find him on My Fitness Pal.

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