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May 6, 2016

Carey – dealing with setbacks

In this episode, we talk with Carey who has been successful in her health and fitness endeavors. Along the way she has had key learning points, so let’s talk with her about her successes and dealing with setbacks.

Carey’s mantra is “slow and steady” is the way to go, as it establishes good habits.   She did not find it discouraging; rather she made a commitment to change.   She did this by hiring a personal trainer.   This also took a while as she had to find the trainer who was in sync with Carey’s personal goals and approach to fitness.   She also experimented and found the right cardio training for her, as she is not a fan of running, walking, swimming and other forms of cardio.   She finds cycling has helped to reshape her body and she enjoys the peacefulness of the experience.

We discuss how finding that activity that you enjoy makes you connect with the exercise and your passions, which drive you to pushing yourself to a higher fitness level.

Carey’s journey was interrupted from time to time with health issues.   She tried to not let it discourage her, despite having put on some weight. Again, her approach is to get back on the slow and steady pace of eating better and incorporating exercise into her daily routine. Her approach with nutrition is through whole food, and has developed a palate which enables her to continue a lifestyle that has eliminated sugary soda, condiments etc.

Carey has been successful in so many ways, particularly with dealing with setbacks, yet she always maintains a positive attitude. We wish her continued success in her health and wellness journey.

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