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How to shop for good food

We know we need to eat good food, but how do we shop for good food? First, we must examine what exactly is good food, as there are many different definitions. Perhaps the most important criteria is the food’s nutrient density. This refers to how much minerals and vitamins are in that food. Find foods that have good nutrient density, or a good ratio of micronutrients relative to the amount of calories.

You should also consume a good mix of food. This includes different types of food having a varied mix of nutrients. This will include foods of different colors, shapes, and tastes. Be knowledgeable about the source of your food. Often times, the further the food has to travel to get to you, the more artificial protection it may need. It also may not be grown to maturity. The soil in which the food is grown is also important. A healthy soil with little to no fertilizer content will positively impact the nutrient density of its food. Similarly, animals that are cared for in a positive manner will yield a high quality of meat, milk, and eggs.

The appearance, smell, texture, and taste of the food are all important markers. You want to be sure the food is free of chemicals or any toxins. Read the labels and look at the ingredients. This will help you make an informed decision about which products to consume.

Now that we know what good food is, how do we shop for good food? Remember that very little food in a box is actual food. Recognize real food as something that was picked. Look for organic food, or having no hormones, fertilizers, or insecticides. Look for local sourcing. Farmer’s markets and farms are wonderful places to find locally grown food. Have a conversation with the farmer and find out how they’re managing their crops.   You can even try growing your own food. By having the knowledge of what foods to consume, you can take appropriate action in finding those foods, thereby setting yourself up for success with healthy eating.

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