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April 15, 2016

Is soy good for you?

Is soy good for you? It depends on who you ask. In fact, there are two schools of thought. Plant-based diet proponents are pro-soy because it’s the only plant based protein that is a complete protein. Those who follow the paleo diet are of the opposite opinion.

There are also some possible issues with soy. The phytic acid in soy binds with minerals when consumed. This prevents your body from absorbing them. This could be an issue if you already have problems with anemia. Another reason one might stay away from soy is due to lectin. Lectin is intended to keep seeds intact when an animal eats it. This could cause gut walls to become inflamed or other immune issues. Isoflavones are another possible issue with soy, as these are plant estrogens. Plant estrogen is similar to human estrogen. There are also questions about whether this could cause cancer. Soy was also made a more viable product when it became Round Up-friendly. In fact, 90% of the soy produced in the U.S. in genetically modified. People with thyroid issues should also be cautious, as there are some indicators that show that soy can mess with the absorption of thyroid medication.

Though cancer is a concern with the plant estrogen in soy, some studies have shown that soy may actually reduce the risk of prostate and colon cancer. When making a decision about whether or not to use soy, it’s important to know your current risk profile. Everyone is different, so the decision to consume soy is not a “one size fits all” answer.

Not all soy is equal. Stick with nutritionally dense fermented soy and avoid any type of processed soy. Include tofu or soy milk in your diet. Be sure you’re reading all food labels so you can make an informed decision. As long as you are looking for the most nutritionally dense foods you can find, you’ll be eating less, and losing body fat. So is soy good for you? That is truly for you to decide.


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