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Why am I always hungry? | Dr. David Ludwig

Dr. David Ludwig is an endocrinologist, researcher, professor. He’s been called an “obesity warrior” by Time Magazine and has been featured on several networks including ABC and NBC. He is also the author of Always Hungry.

It has been said many times that the key to losing weight is to eat less and move more. However, Always Hungry considers another factor at play. There are some people who eat less and move more, yet they still have problems with losing weight. While many can lose weight by cutting calories, the body will begin to fight back by becoming hungrier.

The premise of Always Hungry is to examine the source of this problem—why are our bodies storing extra fat? The underlying problem for most is that fat cells are driven into calorie storage overdrive due to insulin levels. When our bodies make too much insulin, this drives fat cells to hoard too many calories. Then there are too few for the rest of the body, and hunger increases.

The key is to lower insulin by adopting a rich, high fat diet and take out simple carbohydrates, processed foods, and sweeteners. The calories will stay in the blood stream longer and increase the metabolism. This will also be beneficial for physical performance.

The Always Hungry Solution is a three-phase plan. Phase 1 includes a two-week period of eating a diet of rich, high fat foods and eliminating grains, potatoes, and added sugars. This will turn off the starvation response. Phase 2 includes adding back whole kernel grains and a touch of added sugar. Here, the body will determine its optimal weight. Phase 3 follows by reintroducing more processed carbs according to how well the body can adapt.

Dr. Ludwig advises those following this plan to find foods that work for them and eliminate ones that do not. Always Hungry is available on Amazon. To connect with Dr. David Ludwig, visit his website at www.drdavidludwig.com or follow him on Facebook or Twitter via @davidludwigmd.


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