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April 5, 2017

Diz Runs | Denny Krehe

Denny Krehe from the Diz Runs Podcast is sharing the many benefits of being a runner. Many people know about the health benefits of running, which include weight management and burning calories. Running is also great for heart and cardiovascular health, as well as maintaining bone strength. There are also social benefits of belonging to running groups, where you can meet others, have conversations, and foster deep friendships. Running also provides a great sense of accomplishment through the setting and achievement of goals.

You can get started with running at a very low cost. If you’re going to run regularly, be prepared to invest into a solid pair of running shoes. Find your local running store and ask them to fit you for a pair of shoes. Anything else is a luxury item that is not essential to get started.

Denny recommends the Couch to 5K free app to help you prepare for your first race. This is a great tool for running newcomers, as it takes the guesswork out what to do and when to do it.

When running your first race, Denny says there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Channel your excitement at the beginning and try to pace yourself. Remember that your starting time won’t start until you get to the starting line, so it’s a good idea to line up according to your usual pace. Don’t forget to have fun. The hard part is the training. The celebration is the race day, so be sure to enjoy the experience. If have any questions before or after the race, feel free to ask your fellow runners, who are usually more than willing to help.

To connect with Denny or learn more about running and the Diz Runs Podcast, visit www.dizruns.com.

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