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June 11, 2024

Improve your strength training with Brad Williams

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On episode 646 of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, we meet Brad Williams and discuss time under tension and progressive overload to improve your strength training.

Episode Notes

Importance of Progressive Overload and Safety in Strength Training

– Brad Williams emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity in exercise for the over-40 crowd

– Emphasizes the misconception of focusing only on lifting heavy weights for progressive overload

– Discusses the concept of time under tension and its role in progressive overload, hormonal response, and muscle growth

– Coach Allan highlights the three ways to increase volume in workouts: adding weight, increasing reps, and changing tempo

– Emphasizes the importance of not pushing the body beyond its limits and focusing on goals and purpose of training

– Coach Allan explains the difference between strength, power, and endurance, and how different types of training can build each of these attributes

– Discusses strategies for building muscle mass and bone density to prevent injuries as people age

Importance of Time Under Tension and Neuromuscular Communication in Exercise

– Supports the use of time under tension for neuromuscular communication, muscle fiber engagement, and injury prevention, especially for beginners

– Advocates for starting with lighter weights and slower tempos for new trainees to build control and neuromuscular connections

– Discusses the concept of progressive overload and the importance of not pushing the body beyond its limits

– Emphasizes the need to gradually increase weight and stimulate muscle growth while focusing on nutrition and aging on muscle mass

– Stresses the importance of resistance training for building muscle mass and bone density

Balance Training and Injury Prevention

– Emphasizes the significance of balance training, especially for older adults, to prevent slips, trips, and falls

– Discusses being aware of surroundings and gait to avoid falls and the need for injury prevention to continue training

– Discusses the importance of being cautious and incorporating techniques like playing with time under tension carefully to avoid overdoing it

– Emphasizes the need for effective rehab after injury and listening to one's body

– Strategies for wellness after the age of 40, including focusing on diet, movement, stress management, sleep, and inflammation control

Music by Dave Gerhart


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