April 22, 2016

Let’s live happy | Deborah Heisz

Today we talk with Deborah K. Heisz, author of Live Happy, Ten Practices for Choosing Joy. She, along with founder Jeff Olson, leads the company that produces Live Happy, an award-winning bi-monthly print and digital magazine, Livehappy.com and Live Happy products.

We discuss with Deborah how we normally approach happiness as a destination or an end point.   Conventional thinking is that if we are successful, we will be happy.   It is the search for that destination, and when we finally arrive there, we believe that end point will make us happy.  However, we should flip our thinking and approach life with the attitude that we should be happy now, as it is happy people that then find success.

Deborah’s book outlines ten practices to live happy along with stories that parallel those practices.   One of her favorites is to reflect at the end of the day by writing down three positive things from your day. By making this practice a habit it positively changes our attitude.

The great thing about happiness is that it also correlates to our health.   If we don’t make our health a priority really cheats ourselves and everyone around us, but it is usually what busy working parents do.   By not doing that, it affects both our mental and physical health.    Small, incremental changes to the way we think and approach both happiness and fitness leads to positive attitudes and adoption of positive habits.

Learn more about Debra Heisz through her website, books, blog and podcast.   Debra is featured on Live Happy Now, a weekly podcast featuring uplifting and unique interviews with researchers in the field of positive psychology, practitioners and experts on their own personal happiness journeys. Join her in the movement to make the world a happier place, and let’s live happy!



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