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September 4, 2020

The 40+ Fitness Blog – Why Start Now?

Paunch Beach, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Hello. I’m guessing you know me, but in case you don’t. My name is Allan Misner. You can call me Coach Allan. I’ve been doing the 40+ Fitness Podcast for the past five years. The first episode went live on December 6, 2015, but I started working on the podcast over six months earlier.

It has been a wild five years. The podcast has grown and now gets around 40K downloads per month (over two million downloads to date). With over 450 episodes, I’ve interviewed nearly 280 expert guests over the years.

I’ve never been shy about having guests on who I don’t fully agree with. Having an open conversation with someone whose view is different than your own is how we learn. I read their book, tie it in with what I know, and in some cases, overwrite what I thought I knew. I learn something new almost every time.

Out of courtesy, I don’t call my guests out or push my beliefs on them. I am not there to debate them. But rather to pull out some nuggets of value for the listeners. I’m a gracious host, and one of the very few that will have read their books prior to doing the interview. But going forward, I’m going to be pickier about the guests I share with you.

In the coming months, I’ll be steering the ship to more align with my own paradigm. I have been doing this health and fitness thing long enough and know what I know. I’ve seen what works for me. I’ve seen what works for my clients. Day by day I am molding my life into one that brings me wellness – health, fitness, and joy.

This blog is going to be my expression of that paradigm. It is my open invitation to you to join me in a conversation about life and how we live it – nutrition, movement, community, curiosity, and mindset. This will be more raw and uncharted than the podcast. I’ll be doing my research, but if I’m not on point, I want you to challenge me (but bring your scientific support). Let’s learn about life together.

Have a happy and healthy day!

Coach Allan

September 1, 2020

The 40+ Fitness Blog is Coming Soon!

My goal is to get at least one new post per week discussing things like nutrition, movement, mindset, relationships, and other wonderful things in this world. I’m also researching a new book, so I plan to use this space to discuss what I’m learning so I can sort out various ideas. If you’re ready to learn how to be fit after 40, lose weight after 40, and have joy after 40, you’ve stumbled into the right place.