Aging is a Myth!

Fat Allan

Like a lot people, I spent my 20s and 30s focused on my career and I put my health and fitness on the back burner. As a result, I found myself at 37, unfit, unhealthy, and this had sucked the joy out of my life. I’d become a fat bastard.

I told myself I wanted to get healthy and fit. I tried and failed, tried and failed, tried again, and failed again for eight long years. As I continued down the aging path, my body continued to get worse. I lost muscle mass. My stomach ballooned out as I put on visceral fat. And every virus seemed to have my name on its hit list, I was sick all the time.

I just couldn’t seem to figure out a way to turn things around. I felt like a failure. With no energy and my confidence tanking, it was beginning to affect my career. It seemed as if I was on a collision course with an early death like my stepfather.

I knew there had to be an easier way...

I needed help, but my nonstop work travel made it impossible to have an experienced training partner or work with a personal trainer.

So, I hit the books, spending thousands of dollars learning to become my own personal trainer. I made a commitment to apply what I had learned to transform myself from a fat bastard to the athlete I knew was under all that fat.

And I did!

I used a simple program that got me stronger, made my body more functionally fit, and improved my stamina. I made some simple, sustainable changes to my diet. I found ways to keep myself accountable to the changes I needed to make.

And over the next 11 months, I used that program to change my body.

I didn’t spend hours in the gym like I had in my 20s. I trained less than 7 hours per week.

I didn’t starve myself to lose body fat (in fact I ate more).

I lost over 65 pounds of fat and added 11 pounds of muscle.

I’d become a new person - CONFIDENT; STRONG; PASSIONATE.

At 46 I was biologically younger than I had been 9 years earlier. That's why I say, aging is a myth.
You have a choice!

I want to show you how you can do the things that improved my health and fitness and changed my life.

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