Are you…

Over forty? Overweight? Over it?

Boy, do I know how you feel. 

Not so long ago, that was me.


I was 47, with a great job.  But I was unhealthy. And that made me unhappy.   Don’t let the smile fool you…

My body felt tired, fat and old. What I needed was a personal trainer.

But, like you, I didn’t have the time.   

So, I become my OWN trainer.  I earned my NASM Personal Training Certification.  I found answers that worked for me.  AND...

I dropped 60 pounds!

I could walk stairs without getting winded. I was stronger. I completed a Tough Mudder with my 19 year old daughter.


But that’s not the best part.

When one of my best friends asked how I’d lost all the weight, I decided to help him do the same.   In the 10 weeks I worked with him, he lost nearly 40 pounds.

Now I’m doing it for lots of people.

Showing them how DAMN GOOD it feels to be 40+ and FIT.

As a fully-qualified personal trainer specializing in Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition, I help my clients get their life back. 

I’m the personal trainer who fits in your pocket.

Which means you have no more excuses.

Stop being 40+ and fat.  

Be 40+ and FANTASTIC.

I’ll show you how.

What I Do

My clients don’t just get generic advice. They get one-on-one support. They get an online personal trainer who’s there to answer their questions, keep them accountable, and help them get great results.

Using technology, my clients are not stuck meeting me in the gym at inconvenient times.  Personal training that fits your busy lifestyle.

Wondering how many reps you should do? Ask me.

Not sure when and how to use running in your program? Ask me.

Need advice on a good eating plan? Ask me.

I started the 40+ Fitness podcast because I wanted to share all the great information and advice I was learning for myself. I’ve interviewed over 150 leading experts in health and fitness. Rather than keep all this great information for myself, I share their incredible words with my audience.  But more importantly, my clients benefit from real-time, best available information.  And that leads to faster results.

Why Do I Get Results?

It goes deeper than knowing the best path (although that is very important).  People make a lot of excuses once they get past 40, like I did. Excuses like…

“I’m too old.” “My joints hurt.” “This diet is making me starve.” “There’s no time.” “I can’t lose weight.”

Okay. You’re busy. You’re on a budget. You have a job, family, a mortgage. You don’t have the time to hit the gym everyday.  And hiring a personal trainer is so expensive and inconvenient.

That’s why I’m online.

Motivation isn’t something you can pick up at the store. You need someone to push you. Someone to walk you through each step of the journey.

Here’s what some of my clients have said about me:

John and Tammy Batte
This past fall, my wife and I made a decision to invest in our health. With the help of Allan Misner, we learned what food really does to and for our bodies. We lost 29 and 38 pounds respectively. Lost inches, a lot of inches, from all over. We did not go hungry, actually ate more... just ate smarter.”

Suze Rena
“Allan provides a variety of modalities to give information -- written, video, and audio which is a great way to reach a variety of learning styles for his clients. He is encouraging, explains concepts clearly, and provides support and encouragement along the way. It is clear that he is passionate about helping people find ways to not just "lose weight" but to truly develop a personal path to being "forever fit!" “

Trent Rogers

I was active, but not seeing results; my eating habits were getting worse and worse. My clothes weren’t fitting anymore. I was as likely to go to the gym as i was to not go. I’m “older” (47) and knew there are more challenges to being fit at that age, so I specifically sought out resources on being fit and over 40 which led to Allan’s podcast/website.

Allan’s is easily contactable. If I feel like I’m going off the rails I can email him with whatever issue I’m having with the food or the exercise and he responds at a rate proportional to the need. He forces me to have goals in mind; specifically making me state those goals at the outset.

I’ve taken over 3” off my abdomen/waist area (my legs/thighs also) and I can visually see and physically feel changes in my body composition and strength. I think my face looks better too, healthier. If I had more hair I think I could pass for early instead of late 40s/almost 50.

Kiss the shark

Make The Change

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

~ Albert Einstein

Everyone’s goals are different. Some want a flat stomach. Some want to drop fifty pounds. Some just want to run around with their grandkids.  Most of us want all of these and more.  But it seems like it is too late.

I’m here to tell you, it is not too late.  When you work with me, I make your goals my goals.

I’m a true coach.  Besides counting reps and making you show up at them gym at inconvenient times, I’ll be everything you’d get from an on-site personal trainer. I show you how to work out. I help you figure out what to eat. And, the whole way, I’m on hand to answer your questions.

If you’ve decided to make a change, you’ve already started the journey. From here on in, I’m with you.  

Let’s go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online training work?

Group Training
Groups work for people who need some accountability. You’ll take part in my hour-long weekly group conference call in which I deliver advice and information. I also answer any questions. With an online forum, members can share experiences, challenges and wins. Everyone in the group can help motivate one another.

One-On-One Training
This is my focus because I can really make a difference in people’s lives. 
Individualized training is for those who want more than just a helping hand. You’ll get a full one-on-one assessment that covers your health history, your lifestyle, your diet and your goals. You’ll get a customized workout plan and eating plan designed to suit you and you alone. Best of all, I’ll be on hand to personally answer all your questions via email.  You also get a weekly consult call ensuring you have all the support and knowledge necessary to meet each of your health and fitness goals.

Make the break. Join my clients who know THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.

You’ve still got a whole living to do after 40. Make those years the best years of your life.

I found a new me. Let’s find a new you.

Group Training

  • General programming
  • General nutrition advice
  • Community access
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Monthly group conference calls


One-on-One Training

  • Customized programming
  • Customized nutrition advice
  • Community access
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Weekly Individual 30-minute calls



If you get in and it isn’t working for you, just cancel within the first 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund.  You have nothing to lose, but the weight!