28-Day Functional Fitness Challenge

MNS Temperature Check Worksheet

We've all heard the sage advice, "what gets measured, gets managed."

It's true, mostly.

There are many pitfalls with measurement. The measurement with the most pitfalls is... weight loss. Sometimes, no matter how well you do, making every workout, pushing yourself, eating to plan, doing it all right, the scale still doesn't budge. That can be very frustrating.

The problem is, when you are measuring yourself based on results, those results often aren't within your control. You can't manage them. 

All you can manage is your actions.

Another major pitfall with measurement is that many of us look at things as pass or fail, or worse, we want to be perfect and anything else is a fail. That's just not productive for the long haul that most of have to take.

We need a way of checking in on ourselves that keeps us focused and moving forward, and doesn't kill our motivation when we're struggling.  

That's why I pulled together a few different concepts and cobbled them into a process I call the MNS Temperature Check. 

In summary, this tool will let you subjectively review your progress over time (I recommend a week at a time) and then decide where you're best to apply additional energy going forward.

It's a quick look back and then a look forward to course adjust.

I created a helpful worksheet to walk you through the process. I'll email you a copy, just let me know you want it below.

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