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The Lose a Size Challenge


This challenge is different than any challenge we've ever done at 40+ Fitness. It is different for a number of reasons...

Unlike previous challenges, this one isn't focused on a single behavior or exercise. Instead, we're after a very specific outcome. And for that very reason, this is likely the only time I'll run it as a free challenge.

You will drop a size in 30 days.

We're going to apply progressive effort across three behaviors that keep us from losing weight. And I can tell you that these little tweaks will not only help you fit into clothes that you no longer feel comfortable, in 30 days:

  • You'll look and feel better

  • You'll have more energy

  • Your confidence will improve

  • You'll stop chasing diet and exercise fads

Meet your coach for the challenge

Allan Misner is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in corrective exercise and fitness nutrition. He's also a Certified Functional Aging Specialist and Certified Online Personal Trainer.

He's the host of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, where he's interviewed over 230 leading experts on health and fitness. He also owns Island Fitness, a gym in Bocas del Toro, Panama, where he lives with his wife Tammy and their furbaby, Angel.

He has a passion for helping people over 40 find health and fitness and live the best life they can. He developed the Lose a Size Challenge because he understand that a small victory can be the spark that wins the war.

Allan Misner, Certified Personal Trainer

Did we mention that this challenge is completely free?

We are doing this challenge using an online portal that includes iPhone and Android apps. Not only will you know what to do each day with emails and instant messages, you'll have Coach Allan in your pocket guiding you through the challenge.

And just in case you weren't motivated to get going, we are sweetening things up with some prizes for those that stick with it.

These prizes include:

  • Free copies of The Wellness Roadmap audiobook

  • complementary 30-minute consults 

  • a free one-month trial of 40+ Fitness Group Training 

Are you ready to lose a size?

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