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Habit Identification Worksheet

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "You can't fix something you don't know is broken."

When you find yourself doing something you didn't really want to do, you might be doing it out of habit.

Habits are important because they let us put certain things into autopilot. This allows us to focus our attention on things that really need it while we automatically do things we've been trained to make habit.

Action leads to habit. Habits become your lifestyle. So, when you're trying to improve your health and fitness, you might have some bad habits holding you back.

But just as building a new habit takes time and consistent effort, breaking one takes just as much work (maybe more if you've had the habit for a long time).

To do that you need to figure out why you're doing it. Most habits have a definitive trigger (or triggers) that cause you to do a particular action. That action is usually backed up by a reward.

When you find you have a bad habit, you have to identify the trigger/triggers and deal with them. The Habit Identification Worksheet can help you break down the habit-trigger relationship and come up with a plan to stop doing the bad habit.

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