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September 7, 2016

Real Food Fake Food | Larry Olmsted

Royal Red Shrimp Lunch

Royal Red Shrimp Lunch

Today we meet Larry Olmsted, an award-winning food author and columnist.  In his book, Real Food Fake Food, Why You Don't Know What You're Eating & What You Can Do About It, Larry discusses how various foods we are served in restaurants or buy at grocery stores may actually be something entirely different.

There's nothing more fundamental than knowing what you're putting in your mouth. ~ Kelsey Timberman

Fake Food

When you don't get what you think you're buying. This is not a judgement on the quality you're getting. This comes in three forms:

  • Something completely different – As in where you order flounder but the actual fish served is tilapia (an entirely different species of fish).
  • Inferior version – A worse quality or it is diluted.  This is common with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Geographic indications – Despite offering you Kobe beef the restaurant may be serving you beef that is not from Kobe, Japan.


Nearly 1/3 of the time, a different fish is substituted with another fish.  Sometimes this is where you're served farmed fish that was marketed as wild-caught.  Or it may be an entirely lower standard species of fish.  The more expensive the fish, the more likely it is to be subject to fish fraud.  Nearly all of the red snapper served in restaurants is not red snapper.

As a tip for getting what you're paying for, go to the fish markets on the water.  There you can often see the whole fish, which makes it much harder for you to be duped.

Olive Oil

Good extra virgin olive oil is very good for your health.  This is the top most rating for olive oil and is quite rare.  Studies have demonstrated that the majority of olive oil sold in grocery stores do not meet the standard for extra virgin.  You can order olive oil from online club like Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club.  It can be quite expensive.  I personally buy olive oil at a specialty retail store, where I'm able to taste it before I buy.

Olive Oil is a fruit oil and as a result, it goes bad quickly.  You should check the harvest date or pressed date.  Good quality olive oil should be used within a year of harvest.  Upon opening a bottle, you should use it within a month.  Knowing the source, so you can make sure you're buying real olive oil.




Caught in the dorito effect | Mark Schatzker

A funeral for my fat | Sharee Samuels

In her book A Funeral For My Fat, Sharee Samuels chronicles her 100+ pound weight loss over a five year period.

Self Love

One concept that Sharee recommended was for you to write a letter to yourself.  This letter should demonstrate the strength you have and the love you have for yourself.  Documenting this self-love is valuable because you are able to go back and read this letter to yourself when you're down and out.

Find something you love

Sharee also recommends you find something you love.  For her, workout out was a drudgery, and she could never motivate and push herself.  That was until she found Zumba.  She loved Zumba and that helped her stay motivated and on track with exercise.

Know yourself

Sharee is a big proponent in knowing yourself.  She knows she is not one who can handle moderation.  Therefore she can't approach food and have just one chip.  She now focuses on her strength, which is planning.  Knowing yourself allows you to take your own path to health and fitness.


Sharee uses an acronym – EFFORT to break through a plateau.

  • Exercise – Are you doing enough?  Are you doing too much?
  • Food – Are you eating too much?  Are you eating enough?
  • Focus – Are you focused on your goal?
  • Organization – Planning and setting yourself up for success.
  • Rest – Are you giving your body the rest it needs?  Are you resting too much?
  • Time – Are you rushing the process?  Do you have realistic expectations?



A Funeral For My Fat

Sharee Samuels


Todd loses over 300lbs

The Yoga Lifestyle | Doron Hanoch

Doron Hanoch comes to the 40+ Fitness Podcast to discuss his book, the Yoga Lifestyle.  We go beyond the basics of the physical yoga practice and explore ways to take yoga outside the studio.

If you want to develop discipline and get the benefits of yoga, you have to show up.  Don't worry about what you may or may not accomplish that day, but get into the habit of making sure you are there and then get present.  The benefits will come.

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Breathing better
  • Mind training

Doron then discussed a 1 – 2 breathing technique for relaxation and falling asleep quickly.



Doron Yoga

Yoga Retreats



Art and Photography website 



Yoga's Healing Power | Ally Hamilton

August 29, 2016

Yoga’s Healing Power | Ally Hamilton

Ally Hamilton found yoga as a senior at Columbia. She expected it to be too easy for her and was pleasantly surprised by the true physical challenge. But she was even more surprised to experience the other improvements in her life that came from a regular practice.

In her book, Yoga's Healing Power, Ally goes through the eight limbs of a yoga practice.


This limb represents our commitments and restraints. In this part, we focus on kindness, truthfulness, non-stealing, accountability, and not coveting.


This limb relates to our observances, being pure, working hard, and our religious practice.


This limb is the physical practice that most of us recognize when we think of yoga, the movement, the stretching, the meditation.


This limb recognizes the life force and energy of the universe.


This limb relates to releasing yourself from your likes and dislikes.


This limb is about uninterrupted concentration as a means of fulfilling your dreams.


This limb relates to a state of being where there are no borders between you and the world.  It relates to having discipline in your practice.


This limb is a state of flow and enlightenment.  Difficult to achieve but a blessing when you do.


If you start to treat your body as the gift it is, it shifts the way you feed it.

~ Ally Hamilton, Yoga's Healing Power


My apologies for the interruption by my dogs, but it really was a cool moment for me.

Learn more about Ally Hamilton at Yogis Anonymous.

Should I do yoga? | Julie Zuzek

August 26, 2016

Cracking the Aging Code | Josh Mitteldorf

In Cracking the Aging Code, Josh Mitteldorf does a deep dive into the science of aging.  His research has led him to some theories that differ quite a bit from what many of us may have believed were true.  Our body is programmed to destroy itself as we age.

As a part of this discussion, Josh explains why he doesn't believe Paleo or natural eating extend our lives.  Nor does he believe that anti-oxidant therapy make us more healthy.  In fact, anti-oxidants may shorten our lives.

The four core reasons we age:


Inflammation is important to help us address outside threats, but when we're older, this inflammation turns on us.  Inflammation attacks us, causing arthritis, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer's disease. It is also associated with many types of cancer.

A high-carb diet is inflammatory.  Having extra bodyfat is inflammatory.  But our bodies are different and we have to experiment to find what works for us.

Immune System

The Thymus gland creates T-cells to fight viruses and bacteria.  As we age, the T-cells begin to turn on us and are linked to arthritis and macular degeneration fo the retina.


This process of “cell death” is important to help the body get rid of damaged cells.  As we age, the process degrades resulting in two types of errors:  damaged cells may be missed, or healthy cells are destroyed.

Telomere Shortening

Each time a cell is divided to go on the telomeres, which are endcaps for the DNA helix shortened.  When the telomere reaches the end, the cell can no longer divide and effectively dies.



2 weeks to a younger brain | Dr. Gary Small

https://40plusfitnesspodcast.com/aging-well-dr-mark-williams/ ‎

August 17, 2016

The hidden toxins lurking in your food | Mike Adams

In his book, Food Forensics, Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger”) reveals some terrible toxins that lurk in the food we eat.  Mike has dedicated himself to performing laboratory evaluation of the foods we eat and reports the results.


Lead and other heavy metals are often in the food we eat, even when it is organic.  The key to avoiding toxins like lead is to look at the country of origin.  China and India have shown to have a higher contamination of heavy metals, such as lead.  Whereas the United States, Canada, and Europe is very clean.  Mike grows much of his own and I buy most of my vegetables and meat from local farmers.

Lead tends to be stored in our bones in place calcium. It does this when proper calcium intake is not sufficient. It is critical to get calcium from plants as our bodies are not able to absorb the mineral calcium that is provided by most supplements. As we age and our bones break down (osteopenia), lead that had accumulated in our bones over our lives can release lead, damaging our kidneys.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

BPA is a chemical in our plasticware. It is an endocrine disruptor. which means it will affect your hormones.  It can cause cancer in women and feminization in men.  This disruption can be quite devastating to your body.  You should avoid plasticware whenever you can, and you should never heat food in a plastic container.


I had an addiction to Diet Coke.  Over the years, people kept telling me I needed to stop.  It wasn't easy, but I managed to kick that habit.

The artificial sweetener, aspartame is poison.  It distorts our natural taste preferences, causing us to eat more.  It also causes us to choose unhealthy foods and beverages.  But you can re-adjust your taste threshold with some effort.

Lifetime Detox

The good news: our bodies can clean themselves if we work to avoid the toxins and eat things that can help us defend against those we can't.  Avoid the extreme detox supplements.  They can be quite dangerous.  Consider every meal an opportunity to detox.  You are constantly in the process of rebuilding your blood and body.  If you give your body good food, you will be building yourself with better, cleaner materials.


Sharable Quote:

Share on FacebookAsk yourself, how do I wish to feel and perform tomorrow? – Mike Adams



Food Forensics

Health Ranger

Natural News

Caught in the dorito effect | Mark Schatzker

How to shop for good food

August 15, 2016

Play Golf Forever | Suzanne Clark

Yes, we're staying on our “play” theme for just one more episode.  In episode 136, I explained how playing sports can help keep you motivated to workout as a way of improving your performance on the court, field, or in this case, golf course.  Our guest, Suzanne Clark, author of Play Golf Forever, shows you how to make sure that you're in shape for golf, but these lessons are applicable to any sport you choose to do.

Key take aways from this episode:

Sarcopenia is a muscle wasting that affects us as we age.  It can begin as early as age 30.  Most of us will lose 1% of our muscle mass each year, which means we've lost 30% or more by the time we're in our 60s.  Resistance exercise is the best way to slow or stop sarcopenia.

To avoid injury on the course, players should:

  • Get lessons: Taking golf lessons will ensure you're swinging the club properly and help you avoid injury.
  • Conditioning:  Having an “off the course” workout program can ensure your body is properly conditioned for the game.
  • Warm up: Have a regimen of warming up before you practice or play.  Having your muscles warm and primed for the work ahead does matter and so many golfers skip this step.

With attention to your body you can ensure you stay healthy and uninjured.  And then you can play golf forever.

Contact Suzanne Clark at: Fitter Forever

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