3 Things That Healthy & Fit People Do Differently

I was recently challenged to break down what healthy and fit people do that unhealthy and unfit people do not. At first, I thought, "Oh, this is easy... move more and eat, sleep, and manage stress better."

But then it hit me, that's not completely true.

Case in point:
You may recall that I have a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Yes, I vacation from the beach at another beach... 

When I go on this vacation, I overindulge in food and alcohol (it's all-inclusive), I don't sleep as much or as well, and despite playing volleyball most days, I don't move as much as I should.

That's one for four... While .250 might be an average batting average in baseball, it doesn't cut it for obtaining and maintaining health and fitness.

So, what is different?

It comes to three basic things:
1) They know what they want - Vision
2) They have a purpose - Why
3) And finally, they surround themselves with other healthy and fit people - Tribe


Healthy and fit people have a very clear vision of what they want out of life. To do the things they want, they know it requires some investment of time and effort to be physically capable. It also means forgoing other things, at least most of the time. They want to feel a certain way and they adjust their lifestyle to get to that feeling. Over time, these adjustments become habits, a natural part of who they are.


Healthy and fit people are committed to be that way because they have a deep emotional why. With self-love, they treat themselves well. This why is so strong that even when they take a detour (like I do in Puerto Vallarta), they return to life refreshed and ready to work harder. They keep their promises to themselves and don't cheat.


Healthy and fit people have other healthy and fit people around them, as often as they can. They join gyms, they do group workouts, have a training partner or walking buddy, and/or hire a personal trainer. They have a support system that keeps them motivated. And as a result, they often let go of unhealthy influence.

They spend time educating themselves about health and fitness so they can make better choices. With their network of friends and trainers, they keep things on track by knowing what works and what doesn't.

They also take pride in helping those around them. They spot someone at the gym when asked. They answer a question on an Internet forum. They encourage co-workers, friends, and family to prioritize health and fitness through sane lifestyle choices.

I've met a lot of people who do one of these, or even two out of three, and they seldom reach their health and fitness goals. You may have a very solid vision and goals to support that. You may have the most important why in the world. But where most people fail is trying to do it alone.

Maybe you just don't want to join a gym (or the gym isn't even open). Maybe you're intimidated by group classes. Or the investment in a personal trainer is just too much. Whatever is holding you back from being around other healthy and fit people, I want you to understand that it is the missing piece. You need a tribe.

I decided to do something to help you connect...

Introducing The Wellness Tribe

The 40+ Fitness Wellness Tribe

Join a group that will support you on your health and fitness journey. You'll connect with likeminded people, and:

  • Stay motivated as you and your tribemates share wins together.
  • Have heartfelt encouragement to keep you moving forward.
  • Learn and grow as a healthy and fit tribemember because you'll know what works and what doesn't. Coach Allan will do regular live video sessions that will include a Q&A.
  • Be a part of an enthusiastic and kind group that is going through similar journeys.

Don't go it alone! Join the Wellness Tribe and surround yourself with people who want you to succeed as much as they do for themselves. Then you can do the things healthy and fit people do differently.

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Meet your coach

Allan Misner is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in corrective exercise and fitness nutrition. He's also a Certified Functional Aging Specialist and Certified Online Personal Trainer.

He's the host of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, where he's interviewed over 270 leading experts on health and fitness. He also owns Island Fitness, a gym in Bocas del Toro, Panama, where he lives with his wife Tammy and their furbaby, Angel.

He has a passion for helping people over 40 find health and fitness and live the best life they can. He started the Wellness Tribe because he understands that support from others makes everthing easier and keeps us on track for great things.

Allan Misner, Certified Personal Trainer
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