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March 26, 2018

Running Rewired with Jay Dicharry

Jay Dicharry, the author of Running Rewired, is board- certified Sports Clinical Specialist.  He focuses on running biomechanics.  Beyond therapy, he seeks to correct the muscle imbalances that lead many runners to injury.

What really happens when you run

When we run, we are putting the body through a high amount of stress.  The forces on the body can exceed 2 1/2 times our body weight.  For an overweight runner, this can make running not only difficult but dangerous.

Core stability

One of the main areas that cause running injuries is a weak core.  But the fix is not just about doing crunches or planks.  You should look at your core as if were an aluminum can.  A can will support a great deal of weight.  However, if you make a small dent in the side, and the can collapses.  This is why it is critical to ensure the full musculature of the core is strong, balanced, and stable.

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Quads vs Glutes

Your running correlates with the way you move.  If you squat and you find that you squat more forward, you're using your quads too much.  If you squat more toward the back, then you may be glute dominant.  You can do an exercise of squatting down and at the bottom position, oscillate forward and backward to feel how to activate both.  The more you can use your glutes (the stronger muscles), the more powerful your running will be.

Muscular endurance, strength, and mass

Most runners don't want to lift weights because they don't want to add too much mass.  But there are ways to use weights to improve your running.  To improve your running economy, you want to be able to put more force down on the ground in a shorter period of time.  That requires heavier loads with squats, deadlifts.  Plyometrics and powerlifting are very effective tools to improve your running.  You won't gain much weight as you'll still be running and sarcopenia will keep you from putting on too much muscle.

You can learn more about Jay Dicharry and Running Rewired at LINK.

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March 19, 2018

Run strong and stay hungry with Jonathan Beverly

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Jonathan Beverly is the author of Run Strong, Stay Hungry, a collection of tips and wisdom from veteran runners who are still running after many years.

The book includes nine principles that would keep someone engaged in running over the years. Surprisingly, only three are physiological and six are psychological. A few include:

  1. Consistency – Injuries can occur when you are inconsistent. Running regularly makes you strong. Being consistent helps to build habits, which make it easier to get out and run. Be sure to take time to rest and recover. Consider using rest days to do some other sort of physical activity.
  2. Humility and Hunger – The joy of running or training is not in the accolades, but rather seeing continuous improvement. You are not defined solely by where you start in your running journey. Seeing your personal progression over time and striving to reach the next goal is another factor that keeps runners engaged long-term.
  3. Stay Connected – Instead of just running, consider serving as a coach, volunteer or running writer. This removes you from just thinking about your own progress and you can see other people’s goals and obstacles. You can then apply this perspective back to yourself. If you become unable to run for some reason, you are able to stay involved in these roles.

To connect with Jonathan Beverly or to learn more about Run Strong, Stay Hungry, visit http://www.jonathanbeverly.com.


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March 12, 2018

Ageless soul with Thomas Moore

On this episode, we discuss Thomas Moore's new book Ageless Soul,, a book an successful aging.

Thomas Moore is the New York Times bestselling author of Care of the Soul, as well as many other books on deepening soul and cultivating a mature spiritual life, three of which have received the Books for a Better Life Award. At turns, he has been a monk, a musician, a university professor, and a psychotherapist.

Phases of Aging

– Immortal is the phase of life when you don't think of life as limited.
– First taste of aging is when we begin to recognize that life is not permanent.
– Maturity is the phase where you begin to see changes.
– Shifting toward old age is the phase when you begin to feel old age coming on.
– Old age is a phase of life when you begin to flow with your age.

Most of the shifts from phase to phase come about with an event. In Thomas' experience, that happened when he had a heart procedure. The initiate isn't planned, but it happens anyway.

Puer and Senex

“To age well you have to be profoundly old and profoundly young.”

Puer is a Latin word that means young person and Senex means old. We carry around a bit of each of these where our youth and our age talk through things to live well. We need to pay attention to the voices. These are a part of your identity and both can be useful.


Sadness and melancholy are a part of aging. Rather than try to collapse from it or avoid it, you should embrace it. Accepting this and looking for the new opportunities that are available to you now that you've reached a given age. And when you're older, you now have something to give to people that are younger.

Thomas recommends that we spend more time outside in nature as we will now have a much greater appreciation of it.

Developing a Clearer, Deeper Sense of Self

As we reach old age, we have developed as a deeper person. We can use our time to reflect more. We can observe and experience aging of others. We are learning more and we become a different person.

We can dedicate ourselves to learning, relaxing, and enjoying what we see.

To learn more about Thomas Moore and his book Ageless Soul, go to thomasmooresoul.com.


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Motivational Quote

Thousands of Candles

Lose weight by eating with Audrey Johns

Audrey Johns is a weight loss blogger and author of the book, Lose Weight by Eating. The book shares tips and healthy recipes designed to encourage readers to eat nutritious foods that will keep them full and help raise their metabolism.

Audrey shatters the notion that to lose weight, one must be limited to a small amount of food. In fact, the key is the type of food that is eaten. Audrey recommends eating the best quality of food possible, including organic foods. Frozen produce can also be a great option for those on a budget.

The book contains four plans to suit different lifestyles and needs. A 15-question quiz helps readers decide which plan would suit them best. These four plans include:

  1. Detox Week – This is a 7-day plan that begins with a smoothie, salad, and healthy meal. This helps to jumpstart the metabolism and help people overcome plateaus. This is a great when trying to drop weight before an event.
  2. Detox Month – A modified plan that includes one week on Detox Week and one week on another plan, and then alternates back and forth.
  3. 3-Month Plan – Great for someone who wants to drop 30 pounds. Helps to jumpstart metabolism and easy to follow. This plan allows for a “free” day to splurge.
  4. Detox Lifestyle – A great option for pregnant and nursing moms and those who want to maintain weight loss. This is the easiest plan possible.

When going out to eat, Audrey recommends visiting restaurant websites and picking out healthier options. Choose grilled instead of fried. Consider splitting your meal with someone and get a side salad. Fill up on your water and keep asking for more. Look for meals that will be 50% vegetables. The key is to consume high-quality, nutritious, metabolism-boosting food.

To connect with Audrey or to learn more about Lose Weight by Eating, visit http://www.loseweightbyeating.com or Audrey’s Facebook page.


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