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March 4, 2016

Defining success in health and fitness

How do we define health and fitness success? It’s simply about being better than you were yesterday, though a life-altering change may occur as a result. This is clearly seen in the success of previous guests.

Take, for instance, Todd from Episode 15. Todd experienced a phenomenal change when he lost 300 pounds solely through altering his diet and nutrition. Mike from Episode 30 is another great success story. Mike began biking and hiking to increase his fitness. In the process, he developed a deeper passion for those activities, as he is now able to share them with his son. Patty from Episode 35 was determined to not only lose weight, but also quit smoking. She chose to lose the weight and then attacked her smoking habit. While she did gain some weight as a result of quitting her smoking habit, she has improved her health tremendously. Finally, in Episode 55, Mel described her transition from couch potato to running enthusiast. Now in her 50s, Mel is set to run an ultramarathon. Her progress is incredible and truly opens one’s eyes as to what is possible at age 50 and beyond.

While many begin with a goal to lose weight, this is not the goal that will sustain progress. It can even be discouraging when it becomes difficult to lose that last bit of weight. There will always be a plateau. The body will eventually get to its set point, will want to stay there, and will fight you to go any lower.

This is why it is important to have deeper goals with what you want to achieve in regards to your health. Remind yourself about your “why.” Why are you doing this? Family matters or key relationships are often a driver and can help to push you forward in your health and fitness journey. Figure out what drives you and keep that in mind to help propel you to health and fitness success. Don’t limit yourself based on what you see around you. Know that anything is possible with patience, persistence, and progression.

How to maximize your functional fitness


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March 3, 2016

Learning to run, running to learn

A recent meta-study entitled, “Neuromodulation of Aerobic Exercise: A Review” revealed interesting findings on how aerobic exercise such as running can affect the brain. First, running and aerobic exercise can help to regulate cortisol, a stress hormone. Engaging in running or another aerobic style of exercise can also trigger the release of endorphins. This is often seen when runners are able to achieve the “runner’s high” and experience a relaxation effect. When this is coupled with cortisol regulation, it creates a great opportunity to reduce the individual’s stress.

The study also revealed that aerobic exercise increased brain-derived neurotrophic factors. When the brain is in a beta state, it is highly alert and poised to deal with high-stress situations. However, you don’t want your brain to be in such a situation for long. In the alpha state, the brain is still alert, yet this is more of a flow state. The mind and body know what to do and are able to relax as they complete their functions. This is the state that is achieved.

It was also found that aerobic exercise prompted production of serotonin, which affects emotion and memory. The serotonin is actually converted to melatonin, which aids in sleep. This may help the brain in its ability to recall memories or information. Additionally, dopamine was also increased, which has benefits with short-term memory, motor control, and cognition.

The benefits of aerobic exercise are clear, but how can you find the right level of intensity for you? Find the happy medium of where you can say a few words while running or exercising, but yet you can’t comfortably carry on a conversation. The key is to monitor how you are feeling. Of course, you will want progression, but it is important not to overdo it. An enriched environment is also beneficial to your results, as it can lead to greater longevity, according to one study. In the end, adopting running or other aerobic exercise has great health benefits and is certainly worth consideration for inclusion in your fitness routine.

The tao of running | Gary Dudney


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March 2, 2016

Plant-based diet | the plant trainers

In this episode, we talk with Shoshana and Adam Chaim who are “Plant Trainers” on a mission to improve the quality of life through nutrition and fitness.   They will walk us through their personal journey of transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Their journey to a plant-based diet began after a health scare.   In the process of researching his health issue, Adam became intrigued and eventually inspired by the plant based lifestyles he was reading about.   He decided to make an immediate transition.

Shoshana’s transition to a plant-based diet was not as immediate.   And while her path was different, eventually she and Adam began expanding their knowledge base on how plant-based nutrition would be the appropriate route for them and their family.   The end result was soaring energy levels, weight loss, glowing skin and other benefits.

Today, Shoshana and Adam Chaim host “The Plant Trainers Podcast.”   They are actively involved in providing personalized plans focusing on nutrition, motivation, fitness no matter what lifestyle you choose.   Learn more about The Plant Trainers and plant-based diets via their website: planttrainers.com

The end of heart disease | Dr. Joel Fuhrman


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March 1, 2016

Stepping it up

In this episode, we are stepping it up with John and Tammy.

John discusses his exercise program, which includes walking about 15,000 steps per day.   He has been working on his squats and is making improvements to his form.

We introduce the concept of Tabata to his workouts. The premise of a Tabata is a series of rounds where you move as hard as you can with an exercise for 20 seconds, in this case squats, jump squats or even push-ups.  Then you take 10 seconds of rest.   The cycle is repeated for a total of 4 minutes.    If you really want to step it up, you can walk a lap or two when the first cycle is finished, then repeat another cycle with a different exercise.

There are apps that you can find that are Tabata timers or interval timers which work well with this concept and guide you through the on and off cycles.   It provides a fantastic workout in a short period of time, while increasing your cardiovascular endurance.

Stepping up your exercise routine with Tabata or interval training will give you a good metabolic kick. We will continue to follow John and Tammy as they continue their health and fitness journey.


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