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With the 40+ Fitness Online Training App, you have me, Coach Allan in your pocket. I'll walk you step-by-step through the process I used to lose over 65 lbs of fat.

Have a question, just message me through the app. Need someone to talk you out of eating that cookie or pie, let me know and I'll be the support you need to say no to bad foods and yes to a better you. 

Fat Allan


In 2003, I was over 255 lbs, unfit, unhealthy, and unhappy.  It took me 11 years to figure out how to lose the weight and keep it off.  This was 11 years of losing some weight and gaining it back and more.  Let's get you off that rollercoaster.


Here's Where You Can Get Your Free 40+ Fitness Group Online Training 

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With 40+ Fitness Group Online Training, I work directly with you to:

  • Lose weight effectively without fad diets or crazy (and sometimes dangerous) protocols,
  • Get stronger with smart, well-planned programs,
  • Gain confidence because you’re not wondering what to do when (Wellness Roadmap),
  • Feel good in your skin (doesn’t it feel great being a size smaller now?), 
  • Have all the support you need through the toughest times,
  • Stop wasting time with the things that don’t work for you.

I know you care about your health and fitness.

That makes you a winner in my book.

I love working with winners! So, I’m going to make you a special offer.

I’m offering you a chance to try 40+ Fitness Group Online Training for 14 days for free.

But I'm limiting this offer to the first 10 people that join.

And, I'm only leaving this offer open until Feburary 29th. If this isn't the right time for you to invest time and effort into your health and fitness, I get it. I'll stop asking.


Allan provides a variety of modalities to give information -- written, video, and audio which is a great way to reach a variety of learning styles for his clients. He is encouraging, explains concepts clearly, and provides support and encouragement along the way. It is clear that he is passionate about helping people find ways to not just "lose weight" but to truly develop a personal path to being "forever fit!"

Suze Rena

I was active, but not seeing results; my eating habits were getting worse and worse. My clothes weren’t fitting anymore. I was as likely to go to the gym as i was to not go. I’m “older” (47) and knew there are more challenges to being fit at that age, so I specifically sought out resources on being fit and over 40 which led to Allan’s podcast/website.

Allan’s is easily contactable. If I feel like I’m going off the rails I can email him with whatever issue I’m having with the food or the exercise and he responds at a rate proportional to the need. He forces me to have goals in mind; specifically making me state those goals at the outset.

I’ve taken over 3” off my abdomen/waist area (my legs/thighs also) and I can visually see and physically feel changes in my body composition and strength. I think my face looks better too, healthier. If I had more hair I think I could pass for early instead of late 40s/almost 50.

Trent Rogers

This past fall, my wife and I made a decision to invest in our health. With the help of Allan Misner, we learned what food really does to and for our bodies. We lost 29 and 38 pounds respectively. Lost inches, a lot of inches, from all over. We did not go hungry, actually ate more... just ate smarter.

John & Tammy Batte


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